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21st September 2020 

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The Mindset Shift for making your Wedding Photography business enter the 6 figures league. (without this nothing else would matter)

Having HUGE social media following and BIG budgets for FB ads has NOTHING to do with building your business up to $10k a month

What is a “Photographers Business Map” and exactly how to create one for yourself? (Focus and Clarity are crucial in any (ANY) business - especially in post-pandemic).

How to AVOID “price-shoppers” and precisely what to do to attract clients that happily pay you a premium to do “your magic” on their BIG day. (it has nothing to do with fancy camera, a big following, or being famous...)

What are “Pricing Psychological Triggers” and how to switch that in your client’s mind - this one is directly responsible for taking me from “he is just another wedding photographer” to “he is impossible to book/get 6 months from now”.


The mindset around taking your business to a new level

How to build a successful business, even if you don't have a huge social media following or a big budget for marketing.

Why it is so important to creating a business map so you have clarity. (Especially in this pandemic)

How to Attract your perfect client!

Psychological triggers with your pricing so you book more leads and make more income.






If you can't make it live, the replay will be available for 3 days.

I am a wedding photographer at FREE THE BIRD Photography, host a podcast; 'MAKE YOUR BREAK', and I’ve been teaching workshops all over the world.  I have spoken at some of the biggest photography conferences, including Way Up North in Europe, WRKSHP in New York City and Photo Field Trip in California. 

I was named in the '30 Rising Stars' award by Rangefinder Magazine, and was 'Runner Up Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year' by Capture Magazine.

I love empowering wedding photographers with the knowledge and skills to grow their business to new levels and make more money doing what they love. I know a lot of wedding photographers are artists struggle with the business side of things, so that is the gap I aim to bridge.

Hey, I'm Jai Long

 "Jai loves motivating creative entrepreneurs to find a love and excitement about running a business. Jai's story is inspirational and his wealth of knowledge gives us the tools to guide ourselves and our business to gain the enjoyment and success we are all looking for."

~ Danelle Bohane

~ Alex Cohen

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