Selling albums scaled my business into the
six figure club, enabling me to hire a full time photo editor.

Now it's your turn.

These triggers scaled my business into the six-figure club & enabled me to hire a full-time photo editor. 


THE psychological TRIGGERS BEHIND SELLING albums SO THEY sell themselves AND YOU book more clients

How to Book mORE clients by changing your pricing structure

Unlock more revenue from each client with wedding albums

how to take amazing product photos FOR ALL YOUR PLATFORMS

Through a simple pricing structural change, this industry secret will turn your leads into paying clients. 

Albums and upsells will help your return on investment when it comes to your marketing and advertising.

Learn the secrets to taking amazing product photos for all of your marketing platforms.





Create a sustainable business.

I love empowering wedding photographers with the knowledge and skills that grow their businesses to new levels. Making more money doing exactly what they love. I know a lot of wedding photographers are artists & struggle with the business sides of things; this is the gap I aim to bridge.

I was named in the '30 Rising Stars' award by Rangefinder Magazine, and was 'Runner Up Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year' by Capture Magazine.

Hey, I'm Jai Long

 "Jai loves motivating creative entrepreneurs to find a love and excitement about running a business. Jai's story is inspirational and his wealth of knowledge gives us the tools to guide ourselves and our business to gain the enjoyment and success we are all looking for."

~ Danelle Bohane

"I'm usually pretty sceptical with online courses, most either give off a cash grab vibe and/or don't seem detailed enough. This course is extremely thought out and has so much information, nothing has been missed. Whether you're not selling albums or offering them and no one is buying them I feel this course is a must. I only need to sell one album to pay for the course and if a third of my future clients purchased one then there's another $20k+ annually coming through the business, win!"

~ Dominic Kieler