At the beginning of the year, Austin set an unrealistic goal of around $200k because he didn't think he'd be able to doubled the $100k he had successfully achieved six months prior. Not only did him and his wife smash through the $200k goal, they officially hit $270k in the 20/21 financial year!

Be like Austin! Here's his tip for you: "Guys, get in the right mindset, give yourself opportunities and surround yourself with more epic people like everyone in the Business Map!"

I hit $100k then $270k while in the Business Map for sales

πŸ“ Perth, Australia


This is the best fkn course on the planet for wedding photographers.

πŸ“ The Grampians, AU


"After signing up to this course I decided to take a risk and up my prices this year. My top package increased by $1300. Somehow the doubts started to creep in about whether people would pay the new prices (still working on my mindset!).
I had an expo recently with my new freshly printed price guides and a couple walked up and chatted then booked my top package ($6900 worth!) right there on the spot. I nearly did a happy dance in front of them but thought I should keep my cool. πŸ˜‚
So guys, I finally get to say...I had a #WIN! 🍾 and I'm looking forward to many more to come.
Thanks so much Jai for giving me the confidence boost I've so needed through this course. πŸ™Œ"

Thanks so much Jai for giving me the confidence boost I've so needed through this course. πŸ™Œ

πŸ“ Queensland, Australia


Seriously so grateful for everything I've learned from Jai Long and the rest of the community inside the Business Map! 

πŸ“ Austin, Texas


"I joined the business map in November, and since then it was clear to me that Jai was the person to follow in this business.

Since I joined I have been progressively raising my prices by applying everything that has been explained to us, and the most amazing thing is that I keep booking more weddings, with a more interesting client, and I am much more confident that I can keep doing it.
When you change your mentality the rest comes by itself. I thought when I joined, that I was already charging my weddings at a fair price, but after these months, I have realised the huge potential we all have to keep growing.

If your mind has no limits, neither do you. Keep creating, keep dreaming and keep putting passion in what you do. The rest will come on its own.

Thanks Jai Long for your constant inspiration and support."

Thanks Jai Long for your constant inspiration and support.

πŸ“ Spain, Europe


Investing into the business map was the best decision I have ever made in my business, ever!

πŸ“ British Columbia, Canada



In the lead up to December 2020, Jane was delivering pictures via Google Drive and had zero confidence in her work...until she took the giant leap to join the Business Map.
Sharing her latest #win with us, Jane now officially uses Pic-Time to deliver her wedding galleries (phew!), has inquiries in her inbox and clients blowing up her DM's.

"This can be directly linked to following the mentoring in this course and doing the practical steps in building my ship."

I have inquiries in my business inbox (coz girlfriend has a website now 😜) and clients blowing up my DM’s thanking me for the work I deliver. 

πŸ“ Queensland, Australia


Thank you SO freaking much for this FIRE education Jai πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸŽ‰β™₯️

πŸ“ California, USA


Two years ago, Christian started visualising and imaging how good it would be if he went full-time into wedding photography. Like many others, he worked late nights, scrambling to find ways to shoot. Christian and his wife saved and worked hard, changing their lifestyle in hopes of allowing his to quit his job and focus on his business - they sold their house, sold his car, and he joined the Business Map.

In April, he finally decided to quit his job and go all in.

"I wanted to say thank you to this group and Jai Long for setting this up. It's amazing to be able to share this experience with a bunch of people that are like me, that I've never even met!"

I gave notice and have quit my job. I'm so excited to be making this change and for the changes in my and my family's life.

πŸ“ Melbourne, Australia


A wedding and elopement photographer based in Queenstown, New Zealand, Kate is one of the many sailors to hit her first $100k (and counting) unrealistic goal since being in the Business Map. Supported by the course and our community, she successfully built a prosperous business despite COVID-19 challenges.

Kate's biggest takeaways were:

1) Conquering scarcity mindset with our 'A Lead A Day' sales strategy
2) Turning leads into bookings using our 'Email Template Guide'.
3) Support from like-minded people in the Business Map community

It's been amazing. I honestly don't know what I would do without it 

πŸ“ Queenstown, NZ


Allison was (and still is) one of our very first Business Map sailors. Aside from overhauling her self-limiting beliefs and liberating her mindset, the course has also given her a window into how to be an amazing photographer - not just sales, it's about showing who you really are and developing true connections with people. 

"This course is gonna take your photography to the next level, take you to the next level, take your business to the next level, and overall, just becoming a better person."

It's completely changed my mindset on failure and success.

πŸ“ Orange County, USA


Not only did I reach 6 figures in my first year (which also amazed my accountant) but we have expanded the business.

πŸ“ Adelaide, Australia


He inspires me to do better and dream big and I can't thank him enough! Everything that I learn from the course is gold! 

πŸ“ Playa del Carmen, Mexico


Photographers and videographers, Emilija and Tom are the hubby-and-wifey dream team behind Maple & Ochre. With two little boys, they started their business mid-2020 to break free from their usual 9-5 jobs and gain freedom to live a more purposeful life, be creative and make art. 

"Over the weekend we met up with 3 potential wedding clients over coffee and that night all 3 booked and it's blown our minds!! 🀯🀯
Mindset is everything and we have shifted our mindset completely towards our goals and actually writing them down, looking at them everyday and it's so simple to yet why has it taken this long to finally get in this state of mind? Anyone else feel reborn when the mindset shift kicks in?
Thank you Jai! 🀎"

Mindset is everything and we have shifted our mindset completely towards our goals

πŸ“ Brisbane, Australia


I just ticked over $100k in sales! How bloody epic is that! I was hesitant about signing up to the business map and eventually joined in September of 2020 and absolutely no regrets.

πŸ“ Geelong, Victoria



Holla beautiful people!
Gosh, it really is hard telling others about my wins. After reading Jai's post a few months back about why we should share our wins I started jotting mine down in the month of September and looking back I couldn't be more proud of myself and the hustle I've done.
I'm only 6 months into my business full time and have just booked in my 19th wedding for this season 😭 The weddings started to roll in after I joined the Business Map and I think it's because 1. being a part of this group is soooo motivating and 2. all the knowledge Jai offers within the business map has just given me a wealth of knowledge & confidence to really go out there and seize every fukn day!! πŸ₯³πŸ₯³

Anyways, can't thank this group enough. Love you all!"

All the knowledge Jai offers within the Business Map has just given me a wealth of knowledge & confidence to really go out there and seize every fukn day!! 

πŸ“ Wellington, New Zealand


I think I can accurately say that my first real #win has been the fact that here I am finally my own captain and ready to sail these seas with all of you. 

πŸ“ Virginia, USA


"Just over 2 weeks ago, I completely revamped my price guide after watching the pricing module in Jai’s course. I have never been so nervous about my pricing as it was crazy to believe whether my clientele would invest let alone through a pandemic.

Little did I know within the last week after catching up with clients for cocktails, phone calls & instant replies. I didn’t just get one but THREE new clients say β€œwhat the heck we are going all in” and investing in my white gold (top) package! 😱 This month alone has brought it $30k of sales (within 3 weeks), I haven’t even touched advertising yet. By far the biggest month of business in the 2.5 years. It’s the most I’ve ever charged in my business too!

Not even a month in and this course has done wonders for my business!"

This month alone has brought it $30k of sales (within 3 weeks), I haven’t even touched advertising yet. 

πŸ“ Brisbane, Australia


I hit so many goals and wouldn't have been able to do it without the knowledge and people from the group and The Business Map. 

πŸ“ Perth, Australia


The Business Map has changed my life and it's only up from here.

πŸ“ Maine, New England


"Well I have been here for a year (signed up for another year too) and it made me asses how the last year has gone, and I have to say I can't stop smiling so sharing a #win as well as saying hi.

This time last year I signed up to the course, and inspired by unrealistic goals 2 weeks later I joined with a local celebrant to launch an elopement package company, that really focused on the couple and what they wanted, we wanted couples to have fun and we also wanted to be truly inclusive (you won't see any packages that assume bride and groom).

Well guess what it hasn't quite been a year but we are about to hit the $200k mark!! In addition my personal photography business has also hit the 6 figure mark!! Yay!!"

We are about to hit the $200k mark!! In addition my personal photography business has also hit the 6 figure mark!! Yay!!

πŸ“ Queenstown, NZ


I signed up to the business map with my unrealistic goal of earning 50K and going part time in my current job. Today I hit my 100K and have decided to take my business full time. 

πŸ“ Melbourne, Australia


"I started my wedding photography business back in August and had ZERO clue what I was doing. I knew I needed some education, so when I came across Jai Long and the Business Map, I decided sign up, which was a big financial investment for me at the time.

Flash forward to today, a couple just booked my largest package and I surpassed 12k in sales! Never would have thought I would hit that mark so early in my business. I honestly feel so unstoppable.
Big thanks to Jai and everyone here for inspiring me to get out there and put in the work on a daily basis. I appreciate every single one of you!! I hope you all get out there and build a ship you're proud of.


Big thanks to Jai and everyone here for inspiring me to get out there and put in the work on a daily basis. 

πŸ“ San Luis Obispo, California


Jai Long this shit Is life changing and I’m so great full for all you have done and continue to put into the BM for us to thrive. 

πŸ“ Auckland, New Zealand


"so i have been fairly quiet when it comes to sharing my wins but i have had a few since i joined in february so thought i would share!

i started this business journey in january after dreaming for a few years prior. since then i have done at least 1 of every type of shoot i'm interested in (family, maternity, newborn etc) and have shot 3 solo weddings! all through facebook & personal connections, putting myself out there and working for free!
then on the weekend i got contacted by the owner of a bridal dress shop who wants to collaborate with me and organise a styled shoot together.

i could scream with excitement over all these things happening that i could never have dreamed possible without the wisdom of jai, and all of you guys! it's a journey of highs and lows, but god damn those highs are worth it!"

I could scream with excitement over all these things happening that I could never have dreamed possible without the wisdom of Jai!

πŸ“ Brisbane, Australia



Sally is one of the OG members of the Business Map and has since re-enrolled because the "course has been an absolute game-and-life changer" for her.

Here are some of Sally's favourite winning moments from her 12-month journey:

🌟 I have reached over $100k in bookings
🌟 With extra money coming in, I bought my first home
🌟 I created a side hustle, vegetarian Indian-fusion grazing business @grazewithsal
🌟 I just booked a $15k wedding!
🌟 I created a Instagram page for my area @visitmurwillumbah
🌟 The South-Asian couples I am now booking love my style & choose me because they want someone different. Thank god I stayed true to my style!
🌟 My mindset has done a 180… I’m much more confident in my business & within myself!

I feel like I have risen from the ashes. If you’re new to this course, trust me when I say it will change your life & please don’t give up! 

πŸ“ Brisbane, Australia


Thank you so much Six Figure Business Map! 

πŸ“ Riverina, NSW


"I joined the business map to basically level up in all aspects of my life. For too long I’ve lived with a lack mentality, and when I first heard about Jai and the six figure business map last year, a switch just flicked. I’ve been binging his podcasts and applying as much of what I’ve learnt to my own mindset and business, and finally, I have walked away from a job of 3 years that hasn’t served me (literally just last week), and feel I have finally stepped into my worth and ready to prioritise my goals and my purpose."

I have finally stepped into my worth and ready to prioritise my goals and my purpose.

πŸ“ Brisbane, Australia


All the wants and goals and dreams I wrote down 1-2 years ago have basically all come true over the last 9 months.

πŸ“ Blue Mountains


This course will change your life and mostly your mindset! I can see a huge change in my thinking and beliefs since I started.

πŸ“ Guernsey, Channel Islands


It feels so GOOD to feel success again, and actively be seeing the results.

πŸ“ Melbourne, Australia


So motivated to carry on with course, cause its making business real fun

πŸ“ Austria, Europe


Bringing her positive vibes to our community, Lisa is a branding photographer who's just starting out in her business. The biggest takeaway for her so far has been the discovery of "things (she) didn't know that (she) didn't know", exponentially boosting her knowledge, fire and energy that goes into her biz.

"Two months into the 12-month course, I know that I'm gonna sign back up because the content and value that's jam-packed into this is crazy! Even in the last two months, Jai has added so much more to the course."

It has, without a doubt, been the best investment I've ever made in my business and my future.

πŸ“ Brisbane, Australia


Lei Lei is a Melbourne editorial and wedding photographer who was struggling with how to make impactful use of her time, holding her business back from levelling up. Determined to be successful, she had goals but needed clear, actionable steps to get there - the 'how'. 

With the the Business Map course being her go-to "cheat sheet", Lei Lei has been able to launch into her business properly, spending her time on things that work and get results. Supported by 1:1 mentoring and friends made through the sailor community, she no longer feels as alone in her journey as a sole business owner. 

"The Business Map course is a real game changer for me. It has given me the framework I need to take my business to the next level."

Thank you Jai for giving me the clarity, guidance, tips and encouragement I need to pursue my dream life! 

πŸ“ Melbourne, Australia


"I first heard about Jai after going to a photography workshop nearly two years ago. I immediately started listening to his podcast. My running sessions listening to dance music turned into sessions being totally motivated and inspired by Jai. It wasn’t long before I bought one of his courses and then another. And just over 6 months ago, I joined the business map. His words of wisdom and ability to reboot your mindset is a total game changer and my business has grown by ten-fold in a short space of time.

Having just listened to his most recent podcast - β€˜Being broke is a poor excuse’ I felt compelled to put writing this review on my to-do list today. Ever since I started listening to Jai, I have learnt to believe in myself and my business, and have invested a proportion of my earnings back in. Seriously I can’t believe how long I had bumbled along for previously - just expecting things to happen. Complete and utter game changer. So glad I stumbled across you Jai. x"

My business has grown by ten-fold in a short space of time.

πŸ“ Perth, Australia


"Sharing my first #win here! I raised my prices about 2 weeks ago and I’ve been constantly getting ghosted lately… it was a bit discouraging but I used to offer a lot of discounts to try to β€œkeep” clients, and I didn’t want to go back to that mindsetβ€” the mindset that I’m not worth it. It paid off today as I booked my first wedding today since raising my prices!!!

Some things that helped was that I took Jai’s advice and started using calendly for clients to book meetings on their own time. I also used the Client Journal for the meeting today and it helped soooo much in navigating through that call. The client’s budget was $1700 below my package options, but she ended up booking my 2nd highest package without hesitation!
I’m really excited and hungry for more wins 🀩"

The client’s budget was $1700 below my package options, but she ended up booking my 2nd highest package without hesitation! 

πŸ“ Arizona, USA


"Why haven’t you joined yet? I can guarantee that the course will not only provide the framework to building your business, but also a framework to living a life unbound by scarcity and the ordinary.

You don’t have to be a wedding photographer to gain from Jai and his crew's teachings, the course will absolutely set you apart from the rest of your industry."

The course will absolutely set you apart from the rest of your industry.

πŸ“ Adelaide, Australia


I booked over $60,000 in work in the first 4 months being in The Business Map.

πŸ“ Asheville, USA


We've turned our business upside down and completely smashed our financial goals thanks to Jai and his business coaching.

πŸ“ Brisbane, Australia


"Ok so I usually don't boast about my business but I've been implementing some of the stuff Jai Long has been teaching in the courses and holy shit! I got his website review back and I pretty much said screw and just changed my website completely to follow what he teaches and have been getting inquiries like never before. I'm fairly new in the wedding photography game and I've actually only shot one full wedding which I charged $2,000 a couple months ago for. I changed my pricing guide to be consistent with my website, built way more value and enhanced my branding experience, and in the last 29 days, I've booked over $15,000 worth of weddings for way higher prices!

I've been so focused on the courses and implementing all of the little things that I didn't even know how much I was booking! I'm still working on my first round of 90 day goals so I'm excited to see where the new year takes me and my business!! ...And anyone can do it. I work 70+ hours a week at my full time job while trying to be a husband and a father and photographer. So it's possible!" 

In the last 29 days, I've booked over $15,000 worth of weddings for way higher prices!

πŸ“ New Hampshire, USA


"I had a client meeting the other day with a potential bride and talked to her for over an hour, just connecting with her and hearing her needs and desires! I approached my work/what I offered with confidence like I never had (or thought was appropriate) before the business map! She called me last night to tell me they would love to book me for their wedding!

Before the business map, I would have approached this call completely differently and probably would not have made the sale. So thankful for the confidence and education on sales that the BM has given me! Thank you Jai Long!"

So thankful for the confidence and education on sales that the BM has given me! 

πŸ“ Atlanta, Georgia


"I signed up for the business map as a last, weak stab at believing in my own dreams. I had made several attempts to be β€œa real photographer” over the years, and I was on the verge of giving up completely.

What came next was something I never expected: I have prioritized and done more for myself professionally and personally in the last six months than I have in the last six years! It's not all rainbows--being an entrepreneur is not easy work, and it has not come naturally to me, but through Jai and the community’s empathic encouragement, mentoring and support, the way I see myself and the world has completely changed. There is enough. There is success in showing up. There is more.

I’m extremely grateful for Jai, the pirate crewmate-father-brother-captain-coach I never knew I needed. My perspective of myself, the beauty of my dreams and the reality I can achieve has all shifted and changed and flourished under his empathy, leadership, hype, warmth, courage, and heart.

It’s worth everything to be a part of this community. Pour into it, and it will pour multi-fold back into you."

I have prioritized and done more for myself professionally and personally in the last six months than I have in the last six years! 

πŸ“ O'ahu, Hawaii


I've been booking weddings like crazy and haven't had a chance to look at my projected income for this financial year...I'm only 7k away from hitting 100k!!! WHAT!?!?

πŸ“ Atherton, Queensland


Based out of Rochester, New York, Kelly is a wedding and elopement photographer. Moving to California for a corporate job, she was let go in April 2021 which gave her an opportunity to reflect on what she actually wanted to do.

Nervous and terrified despite knowing it was the right choice, this was the exact moment Kelly decided to go full-time with photography.

Taking a chance on herself, she joined the Six-Figure Map to gain clarity and direction. One of the most pivotal moments was during a conversation with Jai, giving her the reassurance to go all in. 

I would not be where I am today with all the support system that I have.

πŸ“ Rochester, New York


Uprooting her life, from leaving the theatre world to become a photographer, to moving from California to Japan, Kym shares the journey that led her towards becoming a full-time wedding photographer. 

"I finally feel like I found that inspiration, that sense of fulfilment and passion that I was searching for within my business, and I can't wait to see where it takes me next."

I had finally found that guidance that I had always been looking for. 

πŸ“ Okinawa, Japan


It's the now where the magic's at and the moments are happening.

πŸ“ Auckland, New Zealand


I have a mad passion to succeed and looking forward to the hustle πŸ”₯

πŸ“ Adelaide, Australia


This changed my life, my work, my dreams and it changed me. Jai Long , I'm so freaking grateful for all you do.

πŸ“ Martha's Vineyard, MA


Changed my pricing, utilized your email templates, showcased value, trustworthiness and energy has finally paid off in a big way! I finally booked my highest package!!! 

πŸ“ Hudson Valley,
New York


So liberating being able to do something you truly love and starting to see the return for it! 

πŸ“ Adelaide, Australia


It feels so good to have a client really value you instead of counting the pennies!!

πŸ“ Victoria, Australia


Officially hit the πŸ’― Club πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
Absolutely amazed! 

πŸ“ Perth, Australia


Jai Long and Melinda Harcourt thanks for changing my mindset from imposter to "fuck you're missing out if you don't book me"

πŸ“ Sydney, Australia


In the 7 days since I found you you've had more of an impact on me and my future than 99% of the people in my life, truly. 

πŸ“ New Orleans, LA


I’ve adapted Jai's - there is no bad time approach to insta posts and I’m seeing steady growth.

πŸ“ West Midlands, UK


Jai Long thank you thank you so so much, this course has literally done so much for me already 2 weeks in! 

πŸ“ Melbourne, Australia


Thank you so much Jai for sharing your wealth of knowledge!