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Wedding photographers...Ready to fill your calendar with MORE client bookings?

Meet your all-new Client Meeting Journal.

Say ‘HELL YES!’ to levelling up with the blissful confidence you need to turn 9/10 of your client meetings into bookings.

Perfect for in-person and online meetings.


→Meeting prep - before, during & after
→Building instant trust & rapport
→Powerful conversion language
→Handling discount requests
→Upselling your packages, albums & add-ons
→Creating an efficient workflow
→Mindset & meditation

...And so much more!

Forget the dreaded mind blanks, robotic scripts, awkward rambling, and social anxiety. No more second-guessing yourself.

The first-ever of its kind in our industry, this beautifully crafted journal was made just for you.

Limited-time only $49 USD with FREE worldwide shipping

Not just a pretty notebook, it’s jam-packed with proven how-to tips including:

You’ve successfully scheduled an online or in-person meeting with your dream clients. You already KNOW you’d be their perfect match.

Now what?

It’s your turn to show up with energy, overcome their hesitations, and validate their decision that you’re the right person for their wedding day.

This Client Meeting Journal will help to boost your confidence and secure the bookings you deserve. 

Tried and tested for your success, keeping your client meetings on track and all your notes (a.k.a. cheatsheets) in one place.

You’ll have note-taking pages for:

Pre-meeting client research & reminders
Meeting prompts & must-ask questions
Post-meeting reflections

PLUS + Loads of preparation, mindset and sales tips. 

AND ++ Motivational quotes to get you in the zone and bonus creative activities while you wait!

Prepare, Plan & Structure → Meeting → Booking ($$)

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No stranger to the industry, Jai Long is a business coach, serial entrepreneur, award-winning wedding photographer, public speaker, founder of the Six-Figure Business Map and of course, host of the Wedding Photography Summit.

A mouthful of accomplishments aside, Jai leads a heart-filled community of wedding photographers and videographers worldwide to create fulfilling businesses by overcoming self-limiting beliefs and setting unrealistic goals.

This journal was created with Jai's 8 years of wedding photography experience with over 1,500 client meetings. All condensed into. beautifully designed book, ready to take to your next meeting 🧡🥂

Who's Jai Long?

The first-ever of its kind in our industry, this beautifully crafted journal was made just for you.

Usually $65
Now only $49 USD with FREE worldwide shipping

No more scrapbooks of messy, illegible notes. You’ll have everything you need in one place - it’ll add an aesthetic touch to your client meetings and workspace too!

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