Retracing his way back to the beginnings, as an amateurish (but very enthusiastic) photographer launching a new business - no portfolio, no gear, no reputation, no website - Jai had just $2000 and 5 days to make it work.

And so, his heart-led adventure began...

Remember: Great things start small.

If you're just starting out or in the very early stages of your photography career, you'll LOVE this documentary by Jai Long!

No stranger to the industry, Jai Long is a business coach, serial entrepreneur, award-winning wedding photographer, public speaker, founder of the Six-Figure Business Map and of course, host of the Wedding Photography Summit.

A mouthful of accomplishments aside, Jai leads a heart-filled community of wedding photographers and videographers worldwide to create fulfilling businesses by overcoming self-limiting beliefs and setting unrealistic goals.

Unfolding the how-tos for doing business from the heart, Jai will be presenting the ways photographers can effortlessly weave humanised creativity and soul into their everyday.

Who's Jai Long?

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