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This video is a replay from a live film workshop.


I am a wedding photographer at FREE THE BIRD Photography, host a podcast; 'MAKE YOUR BREAK', and I’ve been teaching workshops all over the world and speaking at some of the biggest photography conferences, including Way Up North in Europe, WRKSHP in New York City and Photo Field Trip in California. 

I was named in the '30 Rising Stars' award by Rangefinder Magazine and was 'Runner Up Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year' by Capture Magazine.

I love empowering wedding photographers with the knowledge and skills to grow their business to new levels and make more money doing what they love. I know a lot of wedding photographers are artists and struggle with the business side of things, so that is the gap I bridge when I teach.

Hey, I'm Jai Long

My work

Personal work has helped me grow as a human being. It gets me out of my comfort zone and connect with people. I had some hard things to deal with from my childhood and creating beautiful work has helped me process a lot of that. It has helped me heal from domestic violence and create work that is not only soft and beautiful, but sometimes dark and showing we all have another side. Even if it's not obvious. 

I have been shooting personal work on film for the past 8 years now and I do love anything analogue. 
My favourite work is always really grainy and a little under exposed. 

Learn how to shoot film!