Make Your Break reveals how a boy from humble beginnings went from selling rocks in a car park to become a world-renowned business coach and successful entrepreneur.

Jai Long shares all of the knowledge and secrets accrued on his incredible journey in this 50 page guide including every mistake, misstep and failure along the way.

From budding new entrepreneurs to established business owners, this book will show any creative businessperson how to achieve everything you want from your business….and more.


Running your own business is the dream of many ambitious people...but to avoid waking up in a nightmare of debt, missed deadlines, and more debt, you need to avoid the mistakes that SO MANY new entrepreneurs make. I know this because I made a lot of them myself.

In this eBook, I lay bare all the pitfalls that I encountered - my first companies failing, going bankrupt multiple times, overcoming family tragedy - and how I’ve learned from each of these challenges to become the person I am today: a business coach that gets flown to conferences and workshops around the world to give creatives and entrepreneurs advice on building better businesses.

Taking 100% responsibility is scary but it’s also the most empowering step that you can take towards creating a successful business (and life), as it means that you have total control in shaping your future.
In Make Your Break, I’ll show you how to identify your SUPERPOWERS and then play to these strengths while outsourcing other tasks to people who will do them better and faster than you ever could.

We’ll discuss how to assess the market and then set yourself apart from your competitors by creating a TRULY INNOVATIVE business model.

I’ll give you the tools to get to know your PERFECT CLIENT before you even begin marketing your business.

Most importantly, you’ll learn the balancing act of assimilating feedback from your customers, learning from errors you make along the way and building a team that you respect, all while maintaining the sheer determination and self-belief required to succeed.
One thing I’m sure about is that you have to believe in yourself or no one else will - in Make Your Break, I’ll show you how.

Make your break ebook

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01 Beginnings
02 Identify Your Superpowers
03 Set Yourself Apart
04 Due Diligence
05 Business Explained
06 The Treasure Map
07 Invest in the Belief

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