Make Your Break is my podcast for Creative Entrepreneurs. Whether you are a wedding photographer, designer, florist, videographer or any other type of creative, and at any stage of your business, you'll learn something from these episodes.

The show is hosted by Jai Long and is full of tips, inspiration and interviews with industry leaders to help you level up your business to the next level.


Make your break Podcast

 Business for Wedding Photographers & Videographers

Six-figure business map 

Online course and coaching program for wedding photographers

You are ready to hit your unrealistic goals and scale up your wedding photography business?! I get it, I have done it!

This 12-month program is everything you need to have a thriving, predictable and sustainable business with a community of like minded people.

And I don't know about you, but I need to be held accountable and have access to resources when growing my business. This program is designed as a coaching program so you will have bi-monthly masterminds with Jai Long each month.

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