The 'Free The Bird' Adobe Lightroom preset pack allows you to easily edit your images and give them a modern romantic feel. I've used this pack for the last five years and it has been designed to work with both moody, darker images and light, bright images. The pack contains four presets, two Colour and two Black & White. It also comes with a downloadable guide to help you install and use the presets, so you can start editing straight away.

The black and white pack is designed for a classic yet modern look that will create a timeless effect. There are two Black & Whites, one for creating a lighter look (especially with backlit images) and another for moodier, darker image processing.

When it comes to processing images, I believe that the most important thing is to have good, consistent skin tones, no matter the skin colour.

My Colour presets have been designed with this in mind.
There are two Colour presets included, one for brighter light and the other is for a more moody processing of the images to give them a more rich, darker feel.

All of the presets have been print-tested hundreds of times to ensure that the tones not only look good on screen, but also in albums and prints.

The Free The Bird Preset pack works with Adobe Lightroom. They are downloadable files and include a guide that shows you how to install them and then get the best results.

All my images have been shot with a Canon 5Diii and they have been tested on Nikon and Sony cameras. The presets will need to be adjusted to work most effectively with your file types.

I recommend that you shoot RAW files in order to have the most information in each image and the best tonal range. Results will vary depending on your chosen gear, files and screen. Also, that you calibrate your screen so you are working on true colour and tones to avoid surprises when printing the processed images.

Because these are digital products, all sales are final. No refunds. No exchanges.

Pack includes:
2 x Colour presets
2 x Black & White presets
Instruction guide

Lightroom Preset Pack

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