Build a sustainable six figure wedding photography business.

Finally, you can get EVERYTHING you need to build your 6-figure business in one place. 

No more piecing together random strategies from 10 different sources, getting more confused than ever.

Make today the day you decide you are going to build a business you are proud of. Exactly the way you want.

It's time to design the life you want.

Simple & Understandable.

The 'Business Map'  is a group program for self-motivated people that are searching for the right tools. You will have a full community to support you each step of the way.

And now it's your turn.

I have helped hundreds of wedding photographers level up their business and escape the common traps we find ourselves in.

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HERE'S WHAT we cover:


Creative Business overview
Creating your perfect client avatar
Napkin business plan
Mindset training
Finding your Superpowers
SALES funnel


Client management systems
Booking systems


In Person Meetings that Convert
Online Meetings
Best Meeting Booking System
Questions to Ask
Best booking systems


Mindset Around Money
Pricing (so you can charge more)
How to Test a Market with Price
How to Price Destination Jobs How to Price Elopements
Secrets to Upselling
Best Ways to Take Payments
Breakdown of Price Guides
Bank Account Structure
Price Staking strategy 


Complete Website Breakdown
Handy Website Tools
SUPER Secret "SALES" Copywriting


Intro to Instagram
Mindset to help with the Anxiety of Posting
How to Create Converting Content
Instagram Analytics "Google sheet"
Profile (Bio, profile pic, URL)
How to Structure High Engaging Captions
Best Crop for Images, Videos and IGTV
How to Use IGTV to Boost your Brand
Carousel .PSD Templates & Instructions


Google Business Overview
Google Console
Google Analytics
How to Use Plugins to Help your SEO
How to Get More Reviews
How to Write for Better SEO
Google Ads [Google Expert]


A proven lead a day strategy
Slow Burning Marketing
Fire Cracker Marketing
Social Media
Pinterest [Pinterest Expert]
Publicity Stunts
Brain Mapping
Product Placement
List Building
Styled Shoots
How To Submit To Magazines


How to Brand Your Business
[Special Guest @Byleelou]


Canned Emails - Includes Templates
Email Templates
Stop getting ghosted on Emails
Productivity mindset
The 80/20 Rule


All past group calls are added into the course. Hours of masterminds!

Client Meetings

How to create a Showit website

Showit Introduction
Installing Templates
Setting up Your Brand
Installing Fonts
Layout Design
Installing Plugins

[bonus module]

Industry  Experts.

Leelou (byleelou) is a world class designer specialising in brand identity for wedding photographers. And she is here to teach you branding from the ground up. Including how to create the perfect & most effective brand strategy for your business.

Mia is the Pinterest strategist for The Small Things Co and she brings her expertise to the course so we can start building a successful Pinterest presence and get more traffic to our sales funnel.

Tony works in one of the best Digital Marketing Agencies in Melbourne. He is here to teach you all about Google Ads so you can optimise your marketing and reach your target audience without wasting time & money 



Google Ads

"The Business Map course is a real game changer for me. It has given me the framework I need to take my business to the next level. All I need to do is put all of Jai's teachings into practice and I have no doubt that success will follow. Thank you Jai for giving me the clarity, guidance, tips and encouragement I need to pursue my dream life! 

Do you feel like your searching for the next step?

That's exactly how Lei Lei felt. She was looking for clarity in her business so she could make a bigger impact with her time and get her business to the next level.

~ Lei Lei Clavey

Discount Codes.

We have included some discount codes to our companies and software. Valued up to $300 USD

Save over $4146 USD

You can now sign up for as little as $2497 USD. It is the perfect time to rocket your business to the next level.


Free The Bird Presets

Valued at $99usd, these presets are all you need for classy edits on your wedding images.

Business Map Journal

I will personally send you a custom made Journal via snail mail to get you started!

Attract Your Perfect Clientele
and get Leads Every Week.

Have you been working on your wedding photography business for years but have struggled to get it off the ground?

Are you maxed out with weddings but don't have any time to yourself or don't make the money you want?

Do you want to pivot into doing more elopements and don't even know where to start or what to charge?

Create a business that thrives all year round.

Do you want your business and all the freedom, income, and fulfilment it comes with?

I really care about you getting these results. 

Having a deadline will really help you get work done. The 12 Month program demands an active & thriving community. There to support each-other every step of the way.

The Business Map is designed to transform your business in 12 months.

12 Month Access

Join the Community.

BUSINESS MAP Private community

That keeps you accountable

"I recently signed up to Jai Longs Six Figure Business Map. I was quite nervous at first because I've signed up for things before and haven't followed through well, but I really felt this one was going to be special. Jai has been amazingly supportive, constantly checking in and keeping us all motivated. He actually knows us by name and really cares about our success. He's honest and vulnerable and shows that he's human and has hiccups along the way just as much as the rest of us. It's been really inspiring so far and I feel like my new skills are setting my business on a new path."

~ Kate Harley Tee

Monthly Group Calls

coaching calls

Masterminds with Jai Long

"Despite the huge time zone difference I'm always super excited to join Jai and the rest of the group at the monthly zoom calls. Jai takes all the time it needs to answer all our questions – no matter on which topic – and I truly appreciate his honesty and inclusive way in his course. No top to bottom teaching. We create and support each other as a group on the same eye level."

~ Chris Zielecki

Join the Business Map community on either of two monthly coaching calls with Jai Long. This is the perfect place to ask any questions you have whilst going through the program. 

The calls cover everything! Whether you need to shift your mind-set, gain clarity on anything inside the course, or get some much needed direction to strategise the best solutions to take your business to the next level. 

If you can’t make the calls don’t worry! You can submit your questions and they will be answered, recorded and uploaded into the Business Map so you can go over them in your own time. 

Milestone Awards

We work so hard to create a business that we are truly proud of. And a lot of the time, we do it alone! With no one sharing our little (and big) wins along the way.

With that in-mind, we have created a "Milestone" award system. So we can share our wins and feel proud of what we have achieved. 

Business shouldn't just be "business". It should be a 
Community and it definitely should be FUN.

Which milestone are you ready to hit over the next 12-months?

Hey, I'm Jai Long.

I love photography and I love the freedom a Business can bring. I remember when i thought it would be impossible to do what i love, make six-figures with a camera, but here we are!

I now have built several six-figure businesses and have helped 100's of wedding photographers do the same. I think there is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone go through a transformation and step into their new selves.

My wedding photography business, Free The Bird was started with a dream in 2013. Since then I was named in the '30 Rising Stars' award by Rangefinder Magazine, 'Runner Up Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year' by Capture Magazine, Presented at the biggest photography conferences included Way Up North in Europe, WRKSHP in New York and Field Trip in Los Angeles and have taught at LIVE events all over the world.

Seriously.... I have grew up in government housing, didn't finish school, I have been homeless twice and I was still able to create a successful career. What is holding you back?!

Hey Jai, I just wanted to share a little win with you. I watched the Client Meeting Module just before a meeting with a couple who were interested in booking me and I found so many points that were helpful.

I used your tips to fine tune the presentation of my space as well and thinking about the meeting itself. By the time the meeting came round, I felt so ready to go and so good about my space, like I had covered all bases. I have no doubt that gave me extra confidence and the meeting went really well and the couple booked on the spot and booked my top package. Thank you.

~ Belinda Monck

Kind Words...

"Jai has been amazingly supportive, constantly checking in and keeping us all motivated."

 "Jai loves motivating creative entrepreneurs to find a love and excitement about running a business. Jai's story is inspirational and his wealth of knowledge gives us the tools to guide ourselves and our business to gain the enjoyment and success we are all looking for."

~ Danelle Bohane

~ Alex Cohen

"More than just a vehicle for the best hair in the business, Jai is the one you want on your team if you're new to the game, or established and in a funk. I've been fortunate enough to teach alongside this weapon on nearly as many continents as our country has had prime-ministers in the last few years, and the phrase "real deal" barely covers either his dress sense or his cavernous enthusiasm and knack for tackling the stuff everyone else is afraid to."

~ Oli Sansom

"If you had to do only one workshop in your life, then it has to be Jai - Free the Bird. I have taken on SO much for my own business, Jai shares his knowledge so openly with so much passion. He knows what he is talking about and all the years of experience to run a successful business. I couldn’t be more grateful to have cross path with Jai and attend his workshops. He is one inspiring human being."

~ Alex Cohen

"Jai is an incredible entrepreneur, but even more, he is so talented at teaching others the skills, processes, and techniques he’s used to achieve success across multiple businesses. His down to earth personality comes through in his teaching, making it so approachable."

~ Dylan Howell

~ Kurt Bingham

~ Lei Lei

~ Kasia

~ Kate

~ Justine

The crew have been hitting GOALS since being inside the course...

~ Chris

~ Lynn


This course is for wedding photographers & Videographers at any level in their career. Whether you're just starting out or you have been in the industry for years. It's always a good time to up-skill and join a supportive community and to better serve your clients with the service they love! The Business Map focuses on the business aspect of wedding photography, not the creative aspect.

Yes, of course! I'm here for you every step of the way. Plus you will be welcomed into the exclusive 'Six Figure Business Map' Facebook group where everyone is helping each other through. You will also have access to monthly LIVE group calls, where we will discuss any questions you have & get your business sky-rocketing! 

The Business Map is a 12-month program. This is to create an exclusive & committed group of individuals that are ready to leave up together. During the 12 months you will have access to all new content and updates.

Yes, we sure do! One payment a month for six months. 
We charge in USD because our audience is from all over the world, not just Australia. USD is an international currency and makes it easier for most. 

Once you enrol into the 'BUSINESS MAP' course, you will be sent an email with instructions for setting up your membership account. You will be able to login at anytime and go through the course at your own pace. You will need a wifi connection to watch the videos.
Inside the course, you will have a link to join the Secret Facebook group so you can get support and connect with others going through the course.

Yes, new videos will be added to the course. We encourage the Facebook group to suggest videos they would love to see in the course and then add them in for free. 

The Business Map price will rise with the extra content, but once you are in and have paid for the course, thats it!

The course is all about BUSINESS. Not shooting photography or videography. It will work perfectly for both Photographers and Videographers. In fact, we have many videographers inside the program right now... killing it.

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Business Map will launch on