Six-figure business map 

Online course and coaching program for wedding photographers

You are ready to hit your unrealistic goals and scale up your wedding photography business?! I get it, I have done it!

This 12-month program is everything you need to have a thriving, predictable and sustainable business with a community of like minded people.

And I don't know about you, but I need to be held accountable and have access to resources when growing my business. This program is designed as a coaching program so you will have bi-monthly masterminds with Jai Long each month.

Enrolment opens April 19th, 2021

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Hey! My name is Jai Long and I have been a High-level Business Coach for Wedding Photographers since 2015.

I focus on creating a Business Map to your success, your way! And making it creative, fun and easy!

🏴‍☠️ High level coaching program and online course:
Six-Figure Business Map for Wedding Photographers

🚀'Course Launcher' program coming March 2021

📈 7-figure business owner / serial entrepreneur 

🎙 Host of the chart toping podcast ‘Make Your Break’ for Creative entrepreneurs. 

Wedding Photographer at @Freethebirdweddings

⍟ Rangefinder 30 Rising star

📷 Founder of the ‘Wedding Photography Summit’

❥ Co-founder of Vegan clothing label

📲 Find me on Clubhouse @Jailong

⚡️ Public speaker (email me with opportunities [email protected])

✨ Enneagram 8

🌙 Married to Leelou

🥂 Vegan 

🏙 Based in Melbourne, Australia

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