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Posing & Lighting is made for wedding photographers, by wedding photographers.

Learn how to orchestrate the perfect portrait shoot & master all lighting situations thrown at you on a wedding day. 

What would shooting portraits with confidence look like?

"Posing couples, for me, I think was always my weakness while shooting weddings. This course has given me so much more confidence." 

- Rolan John. 

For Rolan, it was hard to pull off the 'confident wedding photographer'.

On a wedding day, nerves would get the better of him & cloud his judgment. This was difficult over-all, but also how he interacted with wedding clients.

Four Live Shoots.

Join me as I break-down four live shoots with real couples. 

You will learn how to confidently capture natural portraits as I teach you how to get your couples to feel 100% comfortable.

Inside the 

How to confidently interact with couples to get natural poses

Downloadable Posing PDF with shot list & prompts to never lose track again

How to shoot on & off camera flash during ceremony, reception & creative portraits

How to shoot amazing portraits in midday harsh sunlight 

How to make your couples instantly comfortable to get natural/unique to them portraits

How to shoot huge group photos, + amazing family & bridal party photos

Exactly how I shoot every image, including the camera settings I use & why


"I haven't been a fan of receptions for a long time.."

"I haven't been a fan of receptions for along time now because I feel like I can't create beautiful images to match the rest of the wedding.

Since this course I've bought myself the LED light and stand kit and started to use my off camera flash. Also starting to use Manual Mode a little more for those in between shots, so dreamy! 

I've got a couple of kids and my husband travels a lot for his business, so I don't get a chance to get to many workshops as I would like to, but this way of learning is so good for me. So grateful!

- Emma Hampton

Shooting receptions & in-door ceremonies can be extremely daunting.

For Emma, shooting indoors was something she struggled to nail. Posing & Lighting has helped her sharpen her flash photography & inspired her to get creative with LED lights!

"I have ALWAYS wanted to try running photos but never knew how to go about it! After seeing it in the course you gave me an insight on how to approach it!" 

Time to try something new?

- Morgan Mcleod


Posing broken down into 7 categories; Still, Movement, Loud, Quiet, Embrace, Intimacy, & Single Portraits. This is where we get comfortable with our clients & learn to confidently guide them into emotive poses.


I share my industry knowledge on exactly how I capture large Group Photos, Family Photos & Bridal Party Photos. From coordination, lighting, camera settings & simple tricks that make all the difference.


We dive into my top tips for all my favourite gear & why I use the small selection across all my weddings.

Inside Posing 
& Lighting.


A break down of all lighting situations that you expect to find on a wedding day. Hard light, Soft light, indoor reception & ceremony + extensive on & off Camera Flash. 


This is where I put the course into action & mic up on a Live Shoot, where you can see exactly how I interact with my subjects on a real life shoot, plus all camera settings & more.

 "Jai loves motivating creative entrepreneurs to find a love and excitement about running a business. Jai's story is inspirational and his wealth of knowledge gives us the tools to guide ourselves and our business to gain the enjoyment and success we are all looking for."

~ Danelle Bohane

"I'm usually pretty sceptical with online courses, most either give off a cash grab vibe and/or don't seem detailed enough. This course is extremely thought out and has so much information, nothing has been missed. Whether you're not selling albums or offering them and no one is buying them I feel this course is a must. I only need to sell one album to pay for the course and if a third of my future clients purchased one then there's another $20k+ annually coming through the business, win!"

~ Dominic Kieler

I love empowering wedding photographers with the knowledge and skills that grow their businesses to new levels. Making more money doing exactly what they love. I know a lot of wedding photographers are artists & struggle with the business sides of things; this is the gap I aim to bridge.

I was named in the '30 Rising Stars' award by Rangefinder Magazine, and was 'Runner Up Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year' by Capture Magazine.

Hey, I'm Jai Long

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This course is for wedding photographers at any level in their career. We have had members who have been shooting weddings for over half a decade that have loved this course. We teach Posing & lighting from the ground up, so there is heaps to learn no matter what your skill level. 

Yes, of course! I'm here for you and will try and help with any questions you have. You'll have access to the private 'Posing & Lighting Facebook Group'.. It's safe space for all members to ask questions, share wins and discuss any wedding photography related topics. 

The course is around 3 hours long, depending on learning speed. I've done loads of research and have found that the completion rate of online courses is below 10%! I've condensed this course for you to make sure it's something that you love, digest, and finish!

Yes we sure do! The payment plan is $99 per month for three months.

Once you enrol into Posing & Lighting, you will be sent an email with instructions for setting up your membership account. You will be able to login at anytime and go through the course at your own pace. However, you will need a wifi connection to watch the videos. The course is available across all your devices.

Yes, new videos have already been added to the course. We encourage the Facebook group to suggest videos they would love to see in the course and then add them in for free. 

The price will rise on Album Academy with the extra content, but once you are in and have paid for the course, thats it!