It’s time to make more money in your photography business

because f*ck being a
struggling artist

● Better serve your clients by offering them add-ons that they really want

● Increase your business revenue with a product that is simple to design, create and

● Have more time outside of your business and the freedom to choose what you do and
when (because isn’t that why you started your business in the first place?)

What if you could create more revenue in your photography business, without spending more time?

Imagine being able to...

...and imagine being able to learn how to make this possible in a simple, no fuss way, with a solid plan and guided support from an industry expert.

album academy

And honestly? You know that offering an album is one of the best ways to do this. But the problem is, you don’t even know where to begin when it comes to designing and creating an album that your clients would be proud to own. And you don’t want to become that photographer who pushes a sale on their clients and risks turning the working relationship icky (or putting them off completely).

You want to give your clients the best experience, you want to give them the opportunity to have a timeless memento of their special day, an album that tells their story through your photographs. But you’re already working more than you want to – you can’t remember the last time you took a holiday – and you don’t want to add in another time-consuming task to your already full plate.

You know it’s possible to better serve your clients and generate more profit

It is possible to start up-selling albums to your clients without stress, without sacrificing too much of your time, and without feeling like a pushy salesman. Trust me – I used to worry about these things too. 

It doesn’t have to be like this. 

“I believe that business can be just as creative as any other endeavour. It doesn't have to be difficult, confusing or overwhelming.” 

Hey, I’m Jai Long – I’m a photographer, educator and creative entrepreneur. I created Album Academy to help wedding photographers like you create extra revenue in your business. 

I’ve taught live workshops to wedding photographers for years and a common question I get asked time and again is “where do I even begin when creating an album for my clients?”. So many wedding photographers want to offer more to their clients – and an album is an enduring thing that couples will be able to show to their family members for years to come. 

I understand that the thought of getting started with the process and actually up-selling the album can be overwhelming. That’s why I’m giving you my exact workflow and process for designing and offering albums so that you can make more money (and spend less time) in your wedding photography business. 

Album Academy is my no fluff
4-step process for designing and up-selling albums so that you can work less and live more 

What we cover..

Establishing a simple workflow
Prepping for the design
Using the album to tell a story
Figuring out costs, selling and marketing
Providing your clients with the best service

....and even more!

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"I'm usually pretty sceptical with online courses, most either give off a cash grab vibe and/or don't seem detailed enough. This course is extremely thought out and has so much information, nothing has been missed. Whether you're not selling albums or offering them and no one is buying them I feel this course is a must. I only need to sell one album to pay for the course and if a third of my future clients purchased one then there's another $20k+ annually coming through the business, win!"

~ Dominic Kieler

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"I only need to sell one album to pay for the course and if a third of my future clients purchased one then there's another $20k+ annually coming through the business, win!" 

~ Dominic Kieler

What’s in Album Academy?

Module 1 - Why albums?

In module 1, I take you through why up-selling wedding albums is the perfect addition to your photography business – for you and for your clients. I explain the benefits of offering albums to your clients, how Album Academy will help you make this a reality, and I go over the main components of the course so that you can get the most out of it.

Module 2 - Design and Layout

In module 2, we focus on the simple workflow I follow when designing, creating and delivery albums for my clients. I break the workflow down so that you can easily incorporate it into your own business and start up-selling albums. We cover how to use tools to help you create your albums and how to design prep, portrait, ceremony and reception layouts. I’ll take you through how you can tell the story of your client’s special day through your photographs so that the end product is a timeless memory of one of the happiest days of their lives.

Module 3 - Sales and Marketing

In module 3, I help you figure out the costs associated with creating your album so that you can maximise your return and know what to charge your clients. We then focus on marketing and sales techniques, including some personal tips and strategies that I use in my own business, so that you can up-sell your album without feeling salesy.”

Module 4 - Delivery

In module 4, we dive into delivery and packaging. I show you some final flourishes you can make to your album to really elevate the experience for your clients. I also talk you through setting expectations for your clients so that the end result when you deliver their album is their complete satisfaction.

It doesn’t stop there

You also get... 
– Access to our private Facebook community where you can learn from and lean on your fellow students, and get extra support from Jai as you follow along with the course. 

– Exclusive discounts on the exact tools Jai uses for simplifying his album creation process and elevating the end product for his clients. 

– Lifetime access to the course and any course updates in the future so that you feel continuously supported from Jai in your wedding photography journey.

Let's go

 "Jai loves motivating creative entrepreneurs to find a love and excitement about running a business. Jai's story is inspirational and his wealth of knowledge gives us the tools to guide ourselves and our business to gain the enjoyment and success we are all looking for."

~ Danelle Bohane

“Sure, you can deliver a thousand images on a USB... but an album tells a story. Their story”  

Wedding albums have been my choice of up-sells for years; they’ve really helped me create extra revenue
without extra work.

For me, albums are timeless – and the value and joy they bring to my clients is beyond compare. But creating albums also benefits me – when potential clients come to my studio and they can see my work, printed, curated and presented in beautiful, high-quality albums, they become even more convinced that I am the photographer they want to capture their special day. 

The real beauty of up-selling albums is that you’re not pushing something unwanted on your clients – most of my clients around 70% opt to add on an album because they realise the value of having a beautiful, physical memory of their day. With Album Academy, you too will be able to offer this elevated experience to your clients – and increase your revenue at the same time.

The investment

You can choose to join today for only $90 (and pay three additional weekly payments of $90) or, for the best value and a saving of $21, opt to make one payment of $349.

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This course is for wedding photographers at any level in their career. Whether you're just starting out or have a company that's been running for years, it's never too early or late to add products to your packages and better serve your clients.

Yes, of course! I'm here for you and will try and help with any questions you have. You'll have access to my private Album Academy Facebook Group. This is a group for members who have enrolled in the course, Album Academy, a safe space for all members to ask questions and discuss any topics relating to the course.

The course is around 3 hours long, depending on learning speed. I've done loads of research and have found that the completion rate of online courses is below 10%! I've taken the time to create a course for you to love, digest, and finish!

We aren't currently planning to release the course again any time soon as we have so much more content  that we want to focus on for you. We will however let you know and keep you updated.