Is the Business Map also for Family/ Lifestyle Photographers?

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May 27, 2022

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This is a question I get asked all the time!

“I want to continue families and maternity sessions and weddings equally. Will the Business Map be helpful for these other aspects as well as weddings?”

“Will I get the same level of success in the Business Map even though I’m not a wedding photographer?”

“Can I join the Business Map even though I’m not a wedding photographer?”

Short answer: YES!

The Six-Figure Business Map is for photographers and videographers across all niches

You might be wondering why a lot of our marketing content seems to purely target wedding photographers – your confusion is warranted! When the Six-Figure Business Map course was first launched, I needed to “niche down” to ensure my offering didn’t get lost in the huge sea of photography-related educational resources. Seeing as I was a wedding photographer myself, I knew that would be the best place to start.

Around 45 wedding photographers joined the course in the first enrolment back in 2020. Since then, we’ve grown leaps and bounds, welcoming thousands of new sailors into the community, including heaps of non-wedding and multi-niche photographers/ videographers!

business course for family and lifestyle photographers

Underwater portrait by Jasmine Skye @jasmineskye_underwater

Besides wedding photographers/ videographers, we also have:

  • Family photographers
  • Maternity & Birthing photographers
  • Newborn photographers
  • Lifestyle photographers
  • Couples photographers
  • Elopement photographers
  • Branding photographers
  • Fashion photographers
  • Theatre & Music photographers
  • Commercial photographers
  • Nature & Underwater photographers
  • Real Estate photographers

We even have sailors who aren’t in the photography/ videography industry at all, including celebrants, cake makers, stationery designers, website/ branding designers, and more! How wild is that?!

This is an online photography course tailored to YOUR goals

Our community is made up of creatives who are at all stages of their biz, from those who still have photography as a side gig through to those who are smashing their $250k goals. We also have members at all stages of life, from college students to busy parents and seniors.

six figure business map community

A styled shoot hosted by some of our Brisbane sailors

The beauty of the Six-Figure Business Map course is that it’s designed to help you level up your business foundations and mindset, aligning with YOUR personal goals. There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy, the community and I are here to support you through all the stages of your journey, no matter what your goals are.

Curious? We’ve dedicated an entire page to outlining what exactly is covered in the Six-Figure Business Map, including all the modules and a little sneak peek video!

Discover what’s included in the Six-Figure Business Map.

Meet some of our wonderful family/ lifestyle photographers inside the Six Figure Business Map!

🧡Kaity Albiez from Dusk Til Dawn Collective

“The Business Map is next level for lifestyle photographers and filmmakers. I consider myself to be a jack of all trades because I do family, motherhood, maternity, newborn, couples and self-love sessions (elopements will soon be in the mix too.) The business map has helped me to level up in all areas of my business!

Just to name a few; it helped me to manage my workflows. I now have clients rave about how efficient I am and 9 times out of 10 they sign the contract and pay the deposit within an hour of me getting back to their first enquiry which is crazy to me because I used to get ghosted more times than not. Client experience was a big one and I used to think it was just delivering pretty pictures but the Business Map has taught me it’s so much for than that and that it starts from the moment they go onto your website to enquire.

I’ve gained so much confidence since joining that I could increase my prices and still have bookings coming in. You will not regret signing up to the Business Map, only that you didn’t do it sooner!!

👋 Say hi to Kaity: Website | Instagram

dusk till dawn collective

🧡Aline from Aline Lange Photography

“I‘m a wedding as well as family, newborn and business photographer. I love all these niches so much that I offer all these to my clients. The Six Figure Business Map helps your business in all aspects, no matter if you’re a wedding or family photographer.

There are so many helpful videos and inspirational content that you can not not win being part of the business map. What I love is that there is always new, fresh and current content coming!!

👋 Say hi to Aline: Website | Instagram

aline lange photography

🧡Jordan from Three Darlings Photography

“Jai and The Six Figure Business Map gave me clarity. Clarity in my life, business and where I want to be.

Before joining The Business Map in November 2021 – I was lost. I was doing elopements and weddings but my heart wasn’t in it like it used to be. I wanted to go a different direction but with 3 children, a mortgage and endless household bills – taking that leap to change photography category and niche down to what I TRULY want to be doing was frightening. There is the saying – “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” and my wedding photography business was good but was I happy? No. I didn’t want to do weddings anymore. I was burnt out, effort was at an all time low and productivity was dismal. Mentally I was struggling & I was super close to just calling it quits.

Until I found Jai. He evoked a whole new sense of excitement and beginnings that I was looking for. On his Instagram he posted a quote – “Success won’t being you happiness. Happiness will bring you success” and that right there spoke to my soul. So I joined The Business Map, I changed my photography genre, niched down, elevated my branding, increased my pricing, gained confidence and made friendships around the world. I’ve also implemented workflows that stopped the burn out and gave me a better work life balance.

I haven’t hit six figures yet – but will I? Abso-f**king-lutely. Why? Because I’m happy. I am doing something that I love and that I am passionate about. I used to be an elopement and wedding photographer – now I’m a photographer specialising in births, maternity & newborn. Thanks to Jai & The BM, my business and my life is thriving.

The Six Figure Business Map is made for ALL photographers & photography genres that are looking to take their business and life to the next level. With Jai Long and The BM Sailor community in your corner – every unrealistic goal that you want is waiting for you.

👋 Say hi to Jordan: Website | Instagram

three darlings photography

🧡Alys from Chasing Soul Photography

“It’s definitely not just for wedding photographers in fact I have implemented most of the business map successfully into the family side of my business because families will forever be my first love.

It made setting up and strategically targetting families more logical for me and I have definitely seen an increase in family bookings at a higher price than I was originally at and content reach is way better on my socials from what I have learnt.

Also, there are many family photographers in here who I often have yarns on socials too its been fantastic.

👋 Say hi to Alys: Website | Instagram

Chasing Soul Photography

🧡Katie from The Daydreamer Diaries

“I rediscovered my love for documenting family sessions after enrolling in Business Map! I was able to grow more confident in the way I offered family sessions because I wanted them to be exciting. I began offering a new experience for family photography and it launched super successfully.

My business has been enhanced on every level and I feel that I could apply the information across business map to any niche. It has helped me to level up across all parts of my business. I’m operating at a higher, more efficient level and it prepared me for the growth with less growing pains.

👋 Say hi to Katie: Website | Instagram

The Daydreamer Diaries Photography

🧡Stevie from Stevie Faye Photography

“Jai, his entire team, and the community support you. The business map has changed the way I communicate with my families, it’s changed the way I approach a session, and it’s changed my outlook on owning my own business.

The business map has shown me how to be successful with all of the behind the scenes work that comes with running a business – ANY business. I’ve hit some amazing milestones and booked more sessions than I ever would have been able to do on my own. I owe it all to this amazing community.

👋 Say hi to Stevie: Website | Instagram

Stevie Faye Photography

🧡Renée from Two Wild Hearts Photography

“I am a maternity/newborn photographer as well as a wedding photographer and I was able to implement everything I have learned so far across both brands, adjusting some approaches to cater for each type of client.

What I have learned is invaluable and can 100% be used for all types of businesses!

👋 Say hi to Renée: Website | Instagram

two wild hearts photography

🧡Clodagh from Clodagh Jane Photography

“This course has been a game-changer for the family photography aspect of my business!!! My booking rate and confidence to raise my prices has grown insanely!!

I feel like the course content is really something that could be implanted to any business – I have definitely up levelled since joining. It’s truly helped me to attract my ideal family photography clients, deliver a great client experience and receive heaps of referrals.

👋 Say hi to Clodagh: Website | Instagram

Clodagh Jane Photography

🧡Tegan from Tegan Murray Photography

“This course is invaluable for any photographer! I’ve implemented so much into my wedding and family photography business from the BM. Especially the client experience and making them feel special, this is just as important for family photography as it is for wedding couples and my family photography business is thriving! When I started doing slide shows for my wedding clients I also started doing this for families too and the response has been phenomenal, I get so many bookings just from word of mouth. ♥️♥️♥️

In my opinion, it’s a no brainer to join. I wish I’d joined when Jai started the course a couple of years ago.

👋 Say hi to Tegan: Website | Instagram

Tegan Murray Photography

🧡Esther from Ends of the Earth Imagery

“This is for ANYONE wanting to further their photography/videography business.

I started my lifestyle photography business in 2020 & was only doing photos for friends for a good while. Because of covid & travel restrictions, I stayed with nursing before leaving to do photography full-time end of 2021. At this point, I was barely being booked, people didn’t know my name because I hadn’t been in town even a year, so it was very touch & go. But I knew that if I didn’t take the leap I would be putting in a half-arsed effort and would be seeing measly results.

Since starting the Business Map with Jai & this community in my corner, it’s been go & go. I have grown in skill & confidence & have started to think more about what my clients need & how I can keep changing the game rather than trying to compete in it. That & being able to have fun creatively again have been so fulfilling!

It’s been a journey, but I would recommend this course wholeheartedly to anyone that’s been wanting to take the plunge & just needs a friendly nudge.

👋 Say hi to Esther: Website | Instagram

Ends of the Earth Imagery

🧡Julie from Julie Dorge Photography

“The business map has literally transformed my business into a business 😅 For me one of biggest lessons was finding the holes in my sales funnel and since I have been fine-tuning that I have more inquiries and bookings than ever.

You don’t need to be a wedding photographer to learn that or most other lessons in the course. Jai did a free 10-minute call because it was obvious that I was struggling and he is so knowledgeable and confided in his business knowledge that in just a few minutes he had a realistic action plan for me that has been successful.

So yes if you’re a newborn or family photographer and are on the fence because it’s a wedding course – take the leap!

👋 Say hi to Julie: Website | Instagram

Julie Dorge Photography

🧡Jenn from Jenn Roach Photography

The Business Map is useful for any photographer who wants to take their business to the next level. Isn’t that what it’s all about, being successful doing what we love?

The modules are geared to help you gain the confidence and knowledge on how to effectively run literally every aspect of your photography business. I photograph weddings and families and everything I’ve learned has been applicable to both.

I never would have had the confidence to increase my prices, offer more value to my clients, and push myself further than I thought possible without the Business Map.”

👋 Say hi to Jenn: Website | Instagram

🧡Annelise from Annelise Page Photography

“One of the most magnificent parts of business map is that it really taught me to implement workflows. Having my inbox full of inquiries is A huge weight off of my shoulders because it used to be people reaching out from text, Facebook messenger, Instagram, etc.

Being able to streamline all my inquiries so nothing falls through the cracks has been instrumental in my success!

👋 Say hi to Annelise: Website | Instagram

Annelise Page Photography

The Six-Figure Business Map opens for enrolment on the 22nd of May

We’d love for you to join our Business Map family! Limited to 300 spots only, enrolment opens at 9AM on the 22nd of May 2023.

See what’s inside the course and sign up for our waitlist to get the latest updates!



business course for family and lifestyle photographers

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You’ll also find her regularly dropping hot website/ biz tips inside the Business Map and yelling at people for downplaying their wins (“big” or “small”, every win is still a win).




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