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shatter the imaginary glass ceiling.

Uniting our creative community to

Don't let anyone else, let alone yourself, steal your dreams from you. Being a struggling artist is overrated. You deserve success and happiness, without compromising on your work-life harmony.

Enough is enough. Quit surviving, start thriving, and have FUN while you're at it!

That's exactly why we run virtual global events and in-person workshops throughout the year - so you can level up with industry's best, take action, make impact, and connect with like-minded, high-vibe creatives from all walks of life.

We're here to help you change your story.

As business owners and creative entrepreneurs, many of us often tackle the wild ride of ups and downs alone...

No one sees your early mornings, late nights, self-doubt anxiety, trying-and-failing overwhelm, and sanity-testing burnouts, on top of everything else you're trying to stay on top of.

Let's be real, it's f*cking exhausting. Especially if your friends and family don't understand why you're so obsessed with hustling your "hobby" when you can just...

"Get a real job."

Here's what we've got planned for you

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