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Curious about the Six-Figure Business Map?

If you're wondering if the Six-Figure Business Map online course is the right investment for you and your biz, we've got you.

To get the ball rolling, you can email us via Alternatively, if you'd prefer a "real life" chat, book a free 15-minute chat with our friendly support team so we can brainstorm your questions/ concerns together!


About Jai Long Co.

Who is Jai Long?

According to Mel (who clearly has the liberty of writing whatever she wants), Jai Long is Shaggy’s long lost brother from Scooby-Doo. 

But in all seriousness, words alone won’t do his 7-figure entrepreneurial achievements any justice. A global business coach, award-winning photographer, and vegan clothing label co-founder, amongst an ever-growing list, you can find a brief summary of Jai on our About page

He is also married to Leelou from @studioleelou and they both live to feed Pippi, their adorable Frenchie.

What do you have to offer me?

An archive of Jai’s worst selfies. JK, we wish. 

Jai Long Co. is your home for all creative entrepreneurial things. From Jai’s Make Your Break podcast to courses and resources, events and workshops, and more, we’re here to empower photographers, videographers and all creators to turn their daydreams into bam-in-your-face reality.

Jai’s signature course is the Six-Figure Business Map but there’s always LOTS happening - get the latest scoop by subscribing to our newsletter. 

Where is the Jai Long Co. team based?

Most of us are currently based in Melbourne, Australia, all pretending to work hard under Jai’s watchful eye.

However, Anna’s recently joined our team as a Community Manager and she’s based in New York. Fingers crossed, we’ll keep growing all across the world!

Can I join your team?

Gosh, we’re flattered by your interest! Keep an eye out for job openings via our Careers page.

Where can I buy Jai’s signature velvet jumper?

This is seriously one of our MOST popular FAQs…unfortunately, the origins of his well-loved velvet jumpers are still a secret for now. Dude wants to prolong the air of mystery for as long as possible.


Who is the Make Your Break podcast for?

The Make Your Break podcast is for ALL ambitious creatives. It doesn’t matter if you’re a photographer, a florist, a graphic designer, or just a Jai superfan, as long are you’re ready to take action on your dreams and level up your mindset, the podcast is for YOU. 

How do I tune in?

You can tune into Make Your Break via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts - choose your favourite platform here.

How often do new episodes get released?

New episodes are released weekly, every Monday at 12.01am, so remember to set your alarm if you can’t get enough! 

I LOVE Make Your Break, how do I leave a review?

You’re the BEST! You can leave an Apple Podcasts review and/or a Google review. Big love and thanks in advance.

Workshops & Events

What is the Wedding Photography Summit?

Hosted annually, the Wedding Photography Summit (WPS) is a virtual 2-day event that unites like-minded photographers, videographers and visual creatives across all niches. Breaking ground in 2020, the WPS attracts a lauded speaker lineup with recent highlights including Gary Vee, Jose Villa, India Earl, Jasmine Star, to name a few. 

Challenging your mindset and empowering you to take your business to new heights, it’s an opportunity for you to engage in real talk with the best of the best.

Check out our most recent WPS lineup and join the waitlist here.

Are the events only for photographers?

Nope! While most attendees are photographers and videographers, we’re honoured to have creatives and vendors from all walks of life joining our events. Makeup artists, celebrants, florists, designers, venue owners, etc., the more the merrier because we’re stronger when we’re together!

How do I access the online events?

Once you sign up for one of our online events, you’ll be given access to your very own portal to tune into the live action. You’ll be welcomed and guided through every step to make it as easy as possible!

If you have purchased a ticket but haven’t received any email confirmation or updates, please be sure to check your junk/ spam folder. Still nothing? Please email us via and we’ll sort you out ASAP.

Where are your in-person events hosted?

Anywhere in the world, as long as you’ll have us. 

With our audience largely based in the US and Australia, we try to go where the people are.

How do I keep track of all upcoming events?

You can keep an eye out for fun upcoming events and sign up for notifications on our Events page.

Can I buy tickets for my friends?

Of course, you can absolutely share the love! When purchasing the tickets, please enter your friend’s name, email address and any other details that may be required.

Courses & Resources

What is the Six-Figure Business Map?

The Six-Figure Business Map is a 12-month online course for photographers and videographers who want to build a biz that serves their goals, alongside joining a next-level community. 

Check out what’s in the course to see if you’re a match made in education heaven!

Do you have other courses besides the Business Map?

Yes, we have other helpful courses and resources available. 

We also host mini online workshops throughout the year, so please make sure you sign up for our newsletter lovin’ for the latest updates. 

Are all your courses and resources only for wedding photographers?

Nope! We’re stoked to have photographers and videographers across all niches - weddings, elopements, lifestyle, portraits, branding, family, maternity, newborn, theatre, commercial, underwater, and landscape, just to name a few.

We also have many non-photography/videography creatives in our community. If you’re unsure if a course/resource is suitable for you, you’re welcome to email us via for honest feedback and advice. 

How do I access the courses/ resources I’ve purchased?

Once you sign up for any of our courses/resources, you’ll be given access to your very own educational portal. You’ll be welcomed and guided through every step to make it as easy as possible!

If you’ve purchased something and haven’t received an email confirmation or updates on the next steps, please email us via and we’ll sort you out ASAP - and remember to check your spam/ junk folder too!

Do you have reviews/ testimonials?

Celebrating our amazing Six-Figure Business Map community, you can watch/read many of their reviews here. These are all real reviews from real sailors!

You can also check out our Google Reviews from the wider community.

Why is everything in USD?

We charge everything in USD because our audience is from all over the world, not just Australia. USD is an international currency which makes it easier for most.

Sponsorships & Collaborations

How do I become an affiliate?

Great question! The process depends on what you’d like to be an affiliate for. For more information and to pitch your magic, shoot us an email via

Can I sponsor or advertise on the Make Your Break podcast?

Let’s be real, someone has to pay for his growing wardrobe of velvet clothing (and vegan cheesecake binging)…so, sure, why not?

But in all seriousness, we’d love to hear your ideas! For more info on sponsoring/advertising, get in touch with us by emailing

Can I have Jai as a guest on my podcast?

Look, Jai could talk to a wall for hours. So we can assume he won’t deny speaking to a real audience…

To double-check we’re the right fit for your podcast, please email our friendly team via with information about your ideas

Can I sponsor or advertise your event?

LET’S MAKE IT RAIN! Jokes aside, if we share the same goals and values, please email us via for more information. 

Can I hire Jai to speak at my event?

As long as the Captain says yes, of course! Please email your event’s details and information to to get the ball rolling.

Need help with something else?

Our team are more than happy to answer any and all of your questions. Please get in touch by emailing us via 

We are based in Melbourne, Australia, so please be mindful of time zone differences. Rest assured that we will do everything possible to jump on your enquiry as soon as we can. Let’s be kind to one another.

Thank you for your patience, we appreciate you. ❤️