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No matter what biz stage you're at, the Make Your Break podcast will ignite your soul purpose and reconnect you with your 'why'.

Whether you're a big-hearted creative or aspiring entrepreneur, we'll blow up your biz with actionable mindset tips and juicy industry secrets together.

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5-star  LOVIN'

Jai’s wisdom and this podcast have actually changed my life. I’ve been listening to Make Your Break over the course of a year or so now, often listening to multiple episodes a week because I can’t get enough. His motivation and positivity push me to hustle harder and do something each day that will better my future self.


I am literally speechless as I write this I have been listening to the podcast from the very beginning and I cannot express enough how Jai Long has changed my life. I literally feel like Jai Long knows exactly what I need to hear because there are times I feel so broken and beat up fighting day after day to keep pushing my business but when I get on this podcast I feel so refreshed in my business. 


It’s definitely one of my favorite podcasts for photographers and entrepreneurs. Jai shares so much knowledge, inspiration and value that it’s worth every minute of listening. His insights are mind-opening and he teaches in such a natural way. If you need a motivational kick - go & listen. I always do that and feel inspired afterwards! Thank you Jai!


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