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May 9, 2023

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90% of your impact and uplift comes from 10% of your work.  So we need to be rapidly experimenting, and getting smarter with those experiments. 

So you might waste 90% of your time, but 10% of those bets have a HUGE impact.”

“We have to check in sometimes and ask ‘Am I feeling uncomfortable?’ If the answer is NO, then you’re not pushing hard enough.”




If Cheryl Kitchener has an itch, you best believe, she’s gonna scratch it. 

We sat down to discuss the rapid success of the Unscripted posing app. A product bootstrapped from an initial $2,000 outlay. Funded by means of waitressing, cleaning, selling on eBay, and the vocation where the itch emerged: videography. 

The unscripted app, in short, began as an app to help sequence posing for photographers and videographers. Establishing cohesion between creatives and clients alike. 

With mass adoption and admiration, Unscripted is now flourishing as a one-stop shop for photographers, who have now become the service’s main focus. It is quickly positioning itself as an end-to-end, inquiry to delivery software with its continual innovation and subsequent domination. 

Surprisingly, this isn’t Cheyl’s first venture into the male-dominated domain of tech. In the early days of the iPhone -we’re talking Steve Jobs era, pre-front-camera days -Cheryl launched an app to help people photograph themselves named: Selfie. 

Selfie saw momentary success before the introduction of the front camera. Momentary? Yes, flash in the pan? No. 

Enough of the preamble.

Listen, watch, rewind, note-take, jaw drop or however you choose to consume this lovely conversation.

If you’re a creative of any sort you are in for a TREAT. 




  • What is the Unscripted App? (5 mins)
  • Cheryl’s first app: Selfie (8 mins)
  • The unexpected success (13 mins)
  • Handling the pressure of being an entrepreneur (15 mins)
  • Riding the rollercoaster of scaling and growth (18 mins)
  • Outsourcing and the first hire (20 mins)
  • The power of experimentation (22 mins)
  • Why you need to take big risks and make big mistakes (26 mins)
  • Jai’s take on loss aversion (29 mins)







Cheryl is a multi-faceted individual who wears many hats, including photographer, mom, wife, Goldendoodle lover, tiny house owner, and van life enthusiast.

As someone who values authenticity, Cheryl hopes the Unscripted Posing App inspires photographers to shoot with heart and intention, preserving not just how a moment looks, but also how it feels. She believes that this is the key to creating lasting memories for clients.

Cheryl is always happy to hear from Unscripted Posing App users, you can reach out to her at




The Unscripted app offers the world’s largest database of poses and prompts, an easy client management system and everything you need to feel confident as a pro photographer. Visit their website to download the app here, and keep up to date with their Instagram here.






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