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September 30, 2021

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The next Wedding Photography Summit will take place on 22-23 November 2022. Join the waitlist.

If you’re ready to wrap up 2021 with a bang and step into 2022 with a renewed mindset, you’ll be glad to hear that…the Wedding Photography Summit is back! Just under 2 months away, we’ll be hosting the next summit from 22-23 November, and we’ve got yet another all-star lineup for you – make sure you sign up to our waitlist to get the bonuses before everyone else!

✨Sign up to the waitlist and be first in line✨

For those who have yet to attend our summit, here’s a quick rundown. Bringing the community together over two days, The Wedding Photography Summit (WPS) is a bi-annual virtual summit with presentations from industry leaders. Our first-ever summit in 2020 attracted over 8000 attendees from all over the world…how mindblowing is that?!

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It’s all about “real talk” and empowering you to take your business further than ever before. This is your chance to learn from, and be inspired by, trailblazers who’ve built their businesses from the ground up, wholeheartedly serving their clients and community. Our last summit in May saw the likes of the marketing phenomenon Gary Vee, celebrity wedding photographer Jose Villa, and the ever-popular Dan O’Day.

Some of the game-changing topics we’ve covered included: Personal Branding, Booking Your Ideal Clients, Social Media, Building a Great Website, Advertising, just to name a few. No stone is left unturned!

Why YOU need to join us for November’s Wedding Photography Summit

Despite its namesake, the summit isn’t just for wedding photographers. It’s been created to serve photographers and videographers across all niches, as well as visual creatives. Challenging your mindset, and equipping you with strategic know-how, you can get into a room with the best of the best.

Now more than ever, considering the current global climate of uncertainty, many of us have been forced into survival mode.

Stop reacting, start proacting!

Forget surviving, we want you to THRIVE. Regardless of what’s happening right now, or how saturated the photography industry may seem, YOU can focus on levelling up yourself and your business. Focus on your unrealistic goals and dreams, and start saying ‘yes’ to getting out of your comfort zone to turn the unrealistic into your reality.

As a creative entrepreneur, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to journey alone either. Our community revolves around love and preserving meaningful moments…So, why can’t we start banding and rising together as one? There will always be enough business and customers to go around. You are your only competition – no one else is. No one can replicate your authenticity, nor can they steal your inner mojo.  Let your fire burn brighter than ever before.

Meet Camden and Hailey from CRTVDUO

The husband-and-wife team behind CRTVDUO, Camden and Hailey are wedding photographers from Charlotte, North California. Having attended the previous two Wedding Photography Summits, they’ve been kind enough to share a little of their story, as well as their summit experience.

Prior to launching their own business, Camden and Hailey were working as content creators for another business, managing their videography, photography, and graphic design. Having been in the creative world for a long time, they had the chance to shoot two weddings and fell in love with the experience.

While on their honeymoon in February 2020, Camden and Hailey talked about their future and goals, as all newlyweds do. Everything kept pointing back to wedding photography. Biting the bullet, they decided to “go for it”, quitting their jobs upon return.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 hit within a week and everything shut down. Living off their savings, they persevered by taking the time to dive into where they wanted their new business to go. With no idea of where to start or how to make it all happen, they started designing their brand and building out their website.

Playing the comparison game

Falling into the comparison trap, they battled with their lack of confidence, feeling like “we’re not good enough” – no doubt a pain point for many new photographers! 

But as luck would have it, Hailey chanced upon one of our Wedding Photography Summit Instagram posts and signed up. Hailey and Camden were so inspired after hearing from India Earl, Kaley from Kansas, and myself (haha), they decided to put 110% into moving their business forward. Backed by the amazing support they experienced within the WPS community, they started believing in themselves more.

crtvduo wedding photography

Image Credit: CRTVDUO

Having loved the first summit, they purchased VIP tickets for the May 2021 summit to enjoy 12 months of replays. Inspired by Asha Bailey to “be yourself”, they gained even more newfound confidence and creativity which showed in their work and to their clients.

While they are still learning and growing, they reflected on how every WPS summit pushes them to “make a big jump”. Rather than just talking about things, they figure it out and “just do it”. For an extra motivational boost, they often go back and watch the replays to feel inspired all over again.

“We’re just so excited and super thankful honestly for the photography summit for letting us kind of take our business, our dream into almost a reality…Best thing that’s ever happened honestly.”

Follow @CRTDUO on Instagram and show them some love!

Are you ready to change YOUR story?

The story you tell yourself, the internal monologue, has a huge impact on your success. Mindset is one of the biggest reasons behind your wins and fails. If you’re ready to unlock your fullest potential, you need to break free from limiting beliefs. Where you are today is exactly because of the decisions you’ve made in the past.

When faced with new challenges, start asking yourself “Would my future self thank me for this decision?” and take action.

The Wedding Photography Summit is your perfect opportunity to:

  • gain insights from the industry’s most respected movers and shakes
  • learn new strategies for levelling up your business
  • liberate your mindset
  • remind yourself of your ‘why’
  • connect with like-minded, ambitious creatives

Write a new story, change your future. Step into the best version of yourself.

Do it for you, do it for your family, do it for your clients.

🎉The next Wedding Photography Summit will take place on 22-23 November 2022. 

Tickets are on sale soon.

👉Sign up to the waitlist today! 

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