Life and education hacking with Nara (founder of Evolution Botanicals)

Evolution Botanicals

October 13, 2019

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In today’s episode, I am talking with Nara Commerford, the founder of Evolution Botanicals in Byron Bay, Australia. Evolution Botanicals are a collection of premium tonic herbs and adaptogens. Nara has been running this company only for a few months now and we dive in to see why he decided to go out and create a product from scratch and how he is going about getting out to the world.

I have known Nara for a long time now and I know he is good at life and education hacking. So that is exactly what we talk about today.


Here are the three tips Nara gives us at the end of the episode on creating a physical product to bring to the market.


  1. When thinking about creating a product, think about if the actual product is scalable. A lot of work goes into developing a product to bring to market and the more scalable your product is, the profitable it will be.
  2. Put your product through a good beta test. Get some real feedback and listen to what the customers actually want. Nara explains how he got hundreds of people to help him choose his branding, labeling and the brand as a whole. Listening is a huge attribute to any entrepreneur.
  3. Thinking about the actual cost of your product and being honest with yourself. Working out how much it actually costs when you factor in networking,  equipment, distribution and all those little things that you may overlook when you first start.


I am personally bringing a few physical products to my online store in the next 12 months, so it was so nice to have a chat with someone that is doing it and get some inside knowledge and insight. It is literally the best way to learn.


Evolution Botanicals


To find out more, find Evolution Botanicals here:

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