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March 27, 2023

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“Would you recommend making a digital product or an online course – the basics of wedding photography for example?”



“The only problem is – with wedding photography in the educational space – is it’s becoming the most flooded of all industries… it’s kind of going a bit nuts at the moment.

But for you, the long hanging fruit could be how to shoot in an editorial style – something very niche

Because, riches and in the niches, and for you especially, your superpower isn’t starting out a photography business.

In fact you even said you were bored of it, teaching something you bored of is the worst thing you can do. 

It could be low hanging fruit for money, but if it doesn’t fill your heart it becomes really hard. 

So it’s better for you to be challenged by yourself . Ff you are going to do a digital product or a course or something I think it should be something that is very much

YOU, that can’t be replaced by AI or any other photographers in the industry and people have to come to YOU for that experience


People aren’t actually searching for the secrets, they’re searching for experiences




No matter where you are in business, outsourcing advice and seeking guidance from peers can always help you reach the next level and adapt new goals in your biz.

Born in Germany, Luisa now resides in what has become a Mecca for wedding photographers: Queenstown, NZ.

Luisa Apanui is an extremely talented and successful photographer…

Published in Vogue, annually shooting internationally – sounds like the dream right??


Unlike previous mentoring sessions we’ve streamed the masses on Make Your Break, Luisa is experiencing a different kind of struggle with success.

Luisa is beginning to lose the beginners-mind passion which bought so much joy as a newbie, despite reaching her previous biz goals.

In an honest and deeply intimate coaching session, Jai helps Luisa identify her knew goals and shares rare personal insights from his career.


This conversation will serve any creative who feels like they may be in a rut.

It is only natural for creative entrepreneurs and biz owners to lose their spark when things, once unimaginable become a replicable part of our routine lives.

It’s why you left the 9-5 in the first place!


We hope you enjoy this wholesome conversation between two powerhouse creatives.






  • Luisa’s rut (5 mins)
  • The power of passion projects (7 mins)
  • Jai’s theory of business as a supermarket (9 mins)
  • The mind and hindering habits of CEO’s (13 mins)
  • Leveraging one biz, to further another (16 mins)
  • Identifying Luisa’s dream, and how to achieve it (18 mins)
  • The flooded landscape of photography education (25 mins)
  • Why you need to envision your business before you start (31 mins)
  • The struggles of identifying with your self and your biz (35 mins)
  • Breaking limiting beliefs (38 mins)
  • Driven: book recommendation (41 mins)
  • The importance of continuing to level up – despite success (46 mins)





Luisa in her own words:


Luisa here! Lover of travel, art & adventure – I’m the full-time photographer behind the lens, here to make your experience in front of it all sorts of MAGIC.

I’ve been a creative soul my entire life. I spent my childhood taking photos on my tiny supermarket camera and have always been fascinated by printed photographs. Isn’t it incredible that with just one click, you can freeze a moment in time and then hold onto that special feeling forever?

I’ve got a massive heart for artistic expression and am drawn to playing with light , composition and the natural elements that surround us. Originally from South-West Germany, my work is often influenced by my European roots – there’s just something about the lifestyle, colours, fashion & architecture that translates so beautifully onto camera.

I see photography as my tool to capture soulful moments & human connection – and then celebrate them forever in artistic form. My style is modern, feminine and timeless, but my ultimate priority is that your photos evoke a feeling, one that is 100% you.

Because you & your story? It’s pretty damn special.


You can follow Luisa’s on Instagram here, and find her website here.





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