Episode 263: Quitting Your Job to Pursue Your Passion

January 18, 2024

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Navigating the transition to becoming a full-time creative entrepreneur

As we embark on a new year, some of you may be tossing up whether it’s time to (finally) quit your 9-5 and go all in on your passion. A huge and super-rewarding milestone, taking this leap of faith can feel exciting yet terrifying at the same time.


Join Jai in episode #263 of the Make Your Break podcast as he goes over 10 different tips, tricks, and life lessons he’s learned along the way.



  • There are no one-size-fits-all answers – We all come from different situations and have different levels of risk tolerance. What’s worked for Jai or others may not work for you.
  • Prepare to live by a new set of rules – Your old 9-5 rules will no longer apply. Sometimes you won’t get paid and sometimes you won’t get time off, it’s all about finding the counterbalance.
  • You are now your own boss – Without a boss to blame, you’re now responsible for your successes AND failures. Get obsessed with upgrading your knowledge, skills, and network.


Covering 10 (and somewhat controversial 🙃) tips about quitting your full-time job, you can skip forward to the following timestamps:

  1. Never have a Plan B [11:39]
  2. Resources vs. Resourcefulness [15:26]
  3. How much you should have in your bank account [19:49]
  4. Learn high-earning skills [25:35]
  5. Build a business map [31:09]
  6. Trust your intuition [34:07]
  7. Are there hungry people asking for food? [37:39]
  8. Say goodbye to “work-life balance” [40:56]
  9. “Do whatever it takes” attitude [44:43]
  10. Plan your exit strategy [48:58]

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Meet the Author

Obsessively wordsmithing and hyping the living daylights out of anything and anyone, Mel is our word nerd and coach from Melinda Harcourt Copywriting.

You’ll also find her regularly dropping hot website/ biz tips inside the Business Map and yelling at people for downplaying their wins (“big” or “small”, every win is still a win).




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