Episode 269 Recap: How to Host a Viral Instagram Giveaway

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February 11, 2024

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Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t like FREE stuff? Neither have I. That’s why giveaways are such a fantastic way to grab your audience’s attention and leverage their desire to WIN.

With the potential to go viral, you can grow your brand awareness and create some extra buzz by hosting an Instagram giveaway that will attract prospective clients.

More importantly, it will allow you to expand your inner circle by involving other vendors you love!

“Your network is your net worth.”

Jai’s been running solo and co-hosted giveaways since 2012 but in this Make Your Break podcast episode, he invited Annelise from Annelise Page Photography to share her perspective.

A photographer from Washington, Annelise has partnered with local vendors to host a Walla Walla Wine Country Elopement Giveaway that’s valued at over $20,000!


Join Jai and Annelise as they chat about all things giveaways, from reaching out to other like-minded vendors to gamification. 

  1. Annelise’s backstory & journey to hitting six figures [3:45]
  2. The importance of showing up & investing in yourself [7:27]
  3. Annelise’s initial thought process behind the giveaway [9:46]
  4. Reaching out to vendors [10:36]
  5.  Spreading kindness without expectation [13:32]
  6.  How the giveaway works & gamification [15:45]
  7.  Marketing is the art of standing out [18:36]
  8.  Lazy marketing vs. hard marketing [19:20]
  9.  Jai’s advice for Annelise on how to push the giveaway even further [22:11]
  10.  Become the news [33:56]
  11. Using Meta Pixel to retarget your giveaway audience [38:06]
  12. Using ads to scale your biz past six figures [40:07]


Say Hi to Annelise 👋

annelise page photography

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/annelisepagephotography/?hl=en
Website: https://annelisepage.com/

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