Breaking the Income Barrier: Scaling Your Creative Business with High-Ticket Offerings

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March 17, 2024

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Whether you’re a full-time wedding photographer or a creative service provider, sometimes it can feel like your income doesn’t match your efforts. You pour so much time, heart and soul into your business, yet you’re constantly stuck between desperately searching for leads and ignoring the lurking burnout. Your output doesn’t reflect the input.

As a solopreneur, it’s crucial that you’re making the most of your finite time, energy, and resources. So, how can you build a more sustainable business? Have you considered supplementing your service-based business income with additional products (that can make you money even while you’re asleep)?

You’ve spent years honing your knowledge and skillset—these are invaluable assets you can use to generate extra revenue in your business.

As a special guest in this Make Your Break podcast episode, Harry Needham is a business coach dedicated to helping coaches and creatives hit $10k—$30k in monthly revenue. Once a “failed architect”, he now teaches other creators how to teach their knowledge by scaling high-ticket coaching programs and growing their brand organically on Instagram.


Here’s a quick rundown of what Jai and Harry cover together (+ timestamps):

  • Harry Needham’s origin story [5:20]
  • The difference between ‘Low-Ticket’ vs. ‘High-Ticket’ Programs [6:55]
  • The downside of low-ticket offers [9:04]
  • How high-ticket offers deliver better results [9:54]
  • Being held back by self-worth & limiting beliefs [15:28]
  • Opportunity costs & focusing on the ‘who’ not ‘how’ [22:22]
  • Your offer’s evolution & the different stages [30:04]
  • Testing what people are willing to spend on your offer [33:05]
  • Detaching your self-worth from everything you do [36:49]


Say Hi to Harry 👋

harry needham on make your break podcast



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