A Recap of Wedding Photography Summit November 2022

wedding photography summit 2022

December 6, 2022

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To say the last two weeks (since successfully wrapping up this year’s Wedding Photography Summit) have felt like a hot minute…is an understatement and a half! Gosh, what a thrilling whirlwind.

We went all out and it was absof*ckingly worth it because we had a blast hanging out with our incredible community over the two fun-filled days!

If you joined us at last month’s Wedding Photography Summit, THANK YOU SO MUCH!🙌💖 With thousands joining us from all corners of the globe, we appreciate every one of you who tuned in live, despite the crazy time zone differences. And of course, for all you hustlers who bought a VIP ticket so you can catch up on the 12-month replays in your own time, you’re the real MVP.

Wondering what the Wedding Photography Summit is about? Here’s a quick overview.

If this is your first time hearing about the Wedding Photography Summit, here’s a quick rundown. Hosted annually since its launch in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Wedding Photography Summit (WPS) is a virtual 2-day event that brings thousands of photographers and creatives from all corners of the globe together to shatter the glass ceilings and reignite their purpose.

Despite its name, the WPS attracts photographers, videographers, wedding vendors, and creatives across all niches, not just wedding photographers – family photographers, commercial videographers, makeup artists, designers, and more!

wps 2022

Each year, we invite 10 industry-leading educators and influencers to share their hottest tips and biggest insights to help our community level up their mindsets and fire up their creativity. We don’t hold out either…we’re humbled to have the greats like India Earl, Jose Villa, Gary Vee, Cara Mia, Fer Juaristi, Chuy and the list goes on.

Challenging mindsets and empowering our attendees to take their business to new heights, it’s an opportunity for everyone to engage in real talk with the best of the best. education, inspiration and motivation galore, it’s a beautiful hive mind.

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So, how did this year’s summit go?

While it’s been our smallest in terms of attendance numbers, it’s been our BIGGEST production to date. “Biggest” as in we hired a film and television production studio space to host the summit live from 22-23 November 2022 – Jai’s never been one to cut corners when it comes to hitting unrealistic goals. IYKYK.

Was it easy? Hell no! Was it fun? Hell to the yeah!

To give you a little context, the Wedding Photography Summit is always hosted in the US’s PST time zone, starting at 10AM each day. Our team is based in Melbourne, Australia, which means that this year we all had to skimp out on sleep, waking up at around 3AM to set up each day before going live at 5AM on the dot.

behind the scenes of wedding photography summit jai long

Yeah, imagine trying to sort out tech hiccups, fixing last-minute issues and staying on top of support requests – when you’re bleary-eyed and sleep-deprived LOL.

Not to mention Jai getting up on stage to HOST THE ENTIRE THING LIVE! That man’s relentless energy knows no bounds. And we’re all here for it.

best online workshop for wedding photographers

Dramatics aside, the energy in the room is always next-level infectious with everyone bouncing off one another, pumping and hyping each other. This is what we live for. As we always say, we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you showing up for us as much as we do for you.

Big love to all the amazing speakers who joined us at our 2022 Wedding Photography Summit!

In previous years, we focused on getting the most popular/trending influencers in the wedding photography industry on board before determining their topics.

For our 2022 Wedding Photography Summit, we did it the other way around by asking our community what topics they were most interested to learn about before getting in touch with potential speakers. We wanted to dish up super-useful education that would empower all our attendees to take action and level up their businesses ASAP!

Our 2022 speaker lineup: 

Want the real, juicy behind-the-scenes goss?

We got together as a team to candidly reflect and chat about the highs and lows of pulling off the planet’s biggest workshops for wedding photographers.

Always being real about the journey, Jai and our team recorded a Make Your Break podcast episode and YouTube video to recap all the BTS happenings. No filters, no secrets, just honest (and goofy) realness.

Tune into the podcast episode below or click on the video to watch!

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Save your spot at the 2023 Wedding Photography Summit!

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Never settling for average, you can rest your bottom dollar that our next Wedding Photography Summit in November 2023 will be bigger, better and CRAZIER than ever.

Always raising the bar and seeking new ways to better our entire community, we’d love for you to join us at our next summit.

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