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June 7, 2021

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It’s time to take charge of your business

As photographers, videographers and visual creatives, we work endlessly to share our craft with the world. To authentically connect with your clients, it’s essential that you build a personal brand from the heart and create an experience that’s not only beautiful but also emotive. While your images will reflect your natural talent, your business will only thrive if you’re able to successfully take your clients on a heart-filled journey that transforms casual browsers into enquiries, enquiries into bookings, and bookings into lifelong fans. 

All good things take time and you want to make sure that you’re putting your best foot forward because first impressions count. From the website navigation experience to your branding visuals, the language you use, your info and pricing guide, and your call to action, your website is your shopfront – every element needs to be considered if you want to effectively fill up your sales funnel and convert leads. 

Remember: People can copy your strategy, your creativity, your ideas. But no one can copy your energy and positivity. No one else can replace you!

Your website is a living, breathing document that grows alongside you and your business. Whether it’s niching down your services, updating your packages, adding new testimonials, whipping up fresh blogs or tweaking your booking process, make sure you’re regularly checking in on your website to see how you can make it even better. 

Don’t let procrastination take over, focus on making an impact and prioritising progress.

Business Highlight: By Leelou

By Leelou is a branding and design studio that creates bespoke digital products for photographers and videographers. Empowering you to take charge, grow and thrive, they’re your go-to for ready-made website templates and digital info and pricing guides. 

Where design meets heart, every single line, colour, font and element has been carefully considered to align with your story and purposefully connect with your dream clients. 

Based in Melbourne, Australia, the By Leelou team has collaborated with photographers and videographers worldwide on all things custom design and branding. Leelou is the founder and creative director of By Leelou and you’ll always be in safe hands with her. Once a wedding photographer, she now uses her in-depth knowledge of the wedding photography business, industry and market to create branding and digital resources that can be easily customised to suit your business and deliver results. 

P.S. Leelou also happens to be my gorgeous soulmate and wife! 

Showit Website Collection for Photographers & Videographers

Regardless of your website know-how, By Leelou’s beautiful website templates are built for your success. With all the core pages already built out on a Showit template, all you need to do is:

  1. Choose a design – the team will teach you how to install it
  2. Customise to your liking – you can personalise everything including the fonts, colours, logo and layout to suit your brand
  3. Launch – follow the detailed instructions to launch your new website simply and painlessly

Showit is hands down the best platform for photographers, I highly recommend it!

Price & Info Guides – Digital PDF & Print

By Leelou

Super easy to customise in Canva or InDesign, By Leelou’s digital PDT and print ‘Price and Information Guides’ have been thoughtfully created to help you book your dream clients. Complete with help guides and video tutorials, these professionally designed guides will encourage your clients to step over the line and book. 

Play with it as much as you like or keep it simple, these high-converting guides include ‘done for you’ copy that sells. Use the placeholder copy to inspire your own writing and make it yours. 

If you’ve already purchased or are thinking of investing in one of By Leelou’s website templates, these price and info guides are the final piece of the puzzle. 

Price & Info Guide – Secret Web Page

By Leelou

Alongside your digital PDF and printed guide, you can also add a secret page to your Showit website. This price and info guide won’t be linked in your menu and only clients who have the direct URL address will be able to access it – for example, if they’ve sent you an enquiry and you’ve responded by providing them with a link to your secret pricing page. 

Compared to a PDF, a web page is specifically designed to be desktop and mobile-friendly, ensuring your clients get the optimal viewing experience. It’s a great option to have together with your PDF and printed guide. 

By purchasing a By Leelou secret ‘Price and Information’ Guide web page, you can ensure that it perfectly complements your template, just like your ‘visible’ pages. 

Get in touch with the By Leelou team!

For more information on any of the templates or to get started on your own custom branding and design project, please reach out to the By Leelou team directly.

Website: https://byleelou.com/

Contact: Fill out the online form or email leelou@leeloudesign.com 

Instagram: @byleelou

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