Album Academy: How Wedding Photographers Can Sell Albums to Every Single Client

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November 11, 2019

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If you’re a wedding photographer that wants to add value to your services as well as increasing profit with every single client then one of the best ways to do that is learning how to sell wedding albums.

Maybe you already offer wedding albums, or maybe it’s an add-on that you’re trying to work out how to assimilate into your services…or maybe I’m totally wrong and you’ve never even considered them!

Either way, if you’re not yet offering wedding albums to every client (or you are offering them but not in an effective way) then not only are you leaving a lot of money on the table, you’re also depriving your clients of an incredibly valuable service that they’ll treasure forever.

With the Album Academy course, I present a straightforward guide for any photographer looking to start selling wedding albums to every single one of their clients.


Why Do I Sell Wedding Albums?

I’ve been working as a wedding photographer for several years and I offer albums to all of my clients and the vast majority of them sign up as soon as they hear my pitch. I rank so highly in Melbourne (my home city) for ‘wedding albums’ on Google that I actually get other photographer’s clients coming to me to add my wedding album service on to their existing package!

While this is great for my business, it does make me wonder why other photographers aren’t offering wedding albums as part of their service? Or, perhaps more accurately, why they aren’t offering it as effectively as I am?

My success in selling wedding albums doesn’t come from years of honing a super-slick sales approach or putting the hard sell on my clients; I simply present what is a really valuable option as part of the package in a way that lets the couple envision holding their very own wedding album in their hands even before a single picture has been taken. And I’m going to show you how you can do it too.

the album academy

Why Should You Sell Wedding Albums?

The answer to this question is simple: Wedding albums are timeless memories of the most special day in two people’s lives.

Remember when you were a kid and looked through your parents’ photo albums? How much longer you spent taking in each picture instead of just clicking to the next image? This is what couples will want their kids to do. The finite quality of an album also works in its favour; online you can put endless reams of photos up from the big day but in an album, you are limited to around 50-100 images, so it puts a massive emphasis on quality over quantity by condensing the absolute best moments from the wedding.

Nowadays there are a ton of different ways to show people photographs – you can show them on a USB, a CD (or even a floppy disc, depending on how retro you want to go!) – however, I haven’t found anything that beats the tactile experience of holding an album in your hands.

That’s why I never take a screen to a client meeting (no phone, laptops etc.) but instead I show them a selection of sample albums so they can envisage what their own album will look like.


My Process

In this course, I will show you my process – this is how I sell wedding albums and this way has been really successful for me.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the exact same process will be successful for you; maybe it will and you can copy it verbatim or maybe you’ll need to adjust it to fit your own style.

There are so many factors that can affect this – your budget, location, specialism, etc. – so bear this in mind when you watch the course and look out for the general takeaways that I will highlight as we go along, as these will be effective for every wedding photography business.

When you’re watching the course, focus on the parts that resonate with you and assimilate them into your business model; don’t worry, I’m not precious about my personal approach – I want you to remodel what I do and make it perfect for you!


What Will You Learn?

In the Album Academy course, I’ll show you a refined method of how best to sell wedding albums as part of your regular packages.

You’ll also learn tips and tricks to securing sales, including how to give your clients a tactile example of the finished product, how to source swatch samples, making sure you’re covered in terms of a contract with the right T&Cs, and so much more.

There are entire modules dedicated to the three most important elements of selling wedding albums: Design, Sales & Marketing, and Delivery.


Remember, a wedding album is something that your clients already want – you just have to offer it to them in the right way.

Do you have any questions? Get in touch by sending me an email or a message on Instagram!

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