Jai’s 3 Big Tips from a $20,000 Coaching Experience


October 18, 2023

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Let’s start by setting the scene, okay?

The year was 2019.

Jai was still running his full-time Free the Bird wedding photography business when he decided to take a leap of faith.

After releasing countless workshops and resources, he launched his first-ever online course, the Six-Figure Business Map, for wedding photographers.

Fuelled by adrenaline in its early days, it was FUN, but it was also TOUGH because it was so hard finding the right information – so, Jai and Morgan went full MAD MAX, making everything up as they went along. #fakeittillyoumakeit

In the first year, the Six-Figure Business Map made $30K in sales. 

It was okay but far from ground-breaking.

Maybe Jai was being complacent but he thought he was going to make a killing (because all the online coaching gurus swore how easy it was to cash in on 6-figure months as long as you had the right framework).

He also genuinely thought that he didn’t need to know the “framework” because he could just work harder.

So, in 2020, Jai worked even harder. 

jai long co team brainstorm

Nothing changed.

He was making enough to survive – barely – but “enough” isn’t ever really enough, is it? Because a business NEEDS healthy cash flow if you want to keep showing up and making an impact.

He was humbled and…desperate. Desperate for results, desperate for a way forward.

Still strapped for cash, Jai bit the bullet and invested $20,000 USD in a business coach

(FYI: We’re talking $20,000 USD for 6 coaching calls.😖)

It felt like a MAJOR RISK because Jai was draining his entire bank account to make this investment work.

If only he knew sooner…It was EXACTLY what he needed.

Armed with clarity, super-simple strategies, accountability, and a whole heap of “duh” lightbulb moments, sales for the Six-Figure Business Map shot up. From $30k to $150k in 12 months.

Jai’s 3 biggest takeaways from his $20k investment

fear of not being good enough impostor syndrome

1. Your copy needs to speak to WHO you’re trying to attract

This one was a huge – and embarrassing – gap, especially because Jai’s always talking about how important your copy is.

He was mortified that he was making the same mistake that he was actively teaching others to avoid.

2. Wrong offer, wrong time.

Like many people, Jai was a little scared of selling at the risk of coming across as a sleazy salesman. So he launched a huge online event, the Wedding Photography Summit in 2020, in hopes of growing his “brand awareness”.

He had no intention of selling the Six-Figure Business Map at the summit and was simply hoping that people would just love the event so much that they’d go out of their way to reach out and express interest in working with him.

Luckily enough, Jai’s business coach told him that it was the dumbest thing he could possibly do. His business coach insisted on him getting outside of his comfort zone to include a quick sales pitch about the Six-Figure Business at the summit.

He said, “If you truly believe you can help people with their businesses, and you know you can help them make more money, then it’s your duty.”

That wake-up call hit Jai like a tonne of bricks and now, looking back, he can’t believe what a silly mindset he had about sales!

3. Stop overcompensating for your self-doubts by giving away too much.

Jai had this mindset that he needed to keep giving more and more, especially if he wanted to raise his prices. He thought that if he wanted to charge more, he had to give even more of his time, energy, and knowledge.

Bursting his bubble, Jai’s business coach told him that he was offering too much and that he needed to simplify. He explained that the more stuff Jai crammed into his offer, the more overwhelmed and confused his audience would be.

This changed EVERYTHING for Jai! So much so that we spent 4 months revamping the entire Six-Figure Business Map…just to make it simpler.

Another $400k in sales later, Jai was well and truly converted

Look, Jai won’t hide the fact that the initial $20k investment in his business coach killed him a little (maybe a lot) inside.

He was sceptical and weary, hoping for some form of return.

So to think that a $20k investment helped grow the Six-Figure Business Map sales from $30k in 2019 to $150k the following year, then another $400k towards the end of 2020…is mindblowing.

That is an INSANE return on investment and now it almost seems too cheap.

Besides achieving his initial unrealistic goals, it did something BIGGER for Jai though.

This experience completely changed Jai’s mindset on the power of investing in one’s education

unrealistic workshop speaker lineup

Who knew that educators needed to be educated by other educators?

Despite what it might seem (or what we like to believe), no, we DON’T know it all.

The WILD thing is that…none of the strategies were particularly groundbreaking. Jai already knew most of what his business coach told him to do.

However, being so deeply entrenched in his own business, it was hard for Jai to pinpoint (and emotionally detach himself from) the blind spots costing him money.

On the other hand, from an outsider’s perspective, his business coach could spot all the holes and red flags from a mile away.

Since then, Jai’s actively invested thousands and thousands into learning from the best, applying their shortcut strategies, and following their frameworks step by step.

Are you an aspiring educator who wants to invest your time, energy and money into the right places?

From idea validation to successful launch, Jai has distilled his 16+ years of entrepreneurship experience into a step-by-step roadmap so you can start making an impact ASAP.

The Course Launcher is an online course intentionally designed for all aspiring educators – any industry, any niche.

course launcher for educators

Jam-packed with easy-to-follow video training, plug-and-play templates, and done-for-you swipe files, you’ll have all the proven strategies to celebrate your first $20k+ in sales – quicker and easier than you ever imagined possible.

If you’re a creative entrepreneur looking to diversify your income and expand your reach, without all the time-and-money-wasting guesswork, then this is the course for you.

Course Launcher will pre-launch on the 21st of November – jump on the waitlist to receive all the latest updates and become a founding member!

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You’ll also find her regularly dropping hot website/ biz tips inside the Business Map and yelling at people for downplaying their wins (“big” or “small”, every win is still a win).




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