Make Your Break: A 2023 Recap

make your break 2023 podcast recap

December 11, 2023

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First launched in 2019, the Make Your Break podcast has come a LONG way (no pun intended).

What started as a creative outlet and personal passion has now become a source of transformative audio mojo for creatives seeking business and mindset liberation. For Jai, the podcast has opened so many new doors, giving him opportunities to interview other educators and entrepreneurs he’s personally looked up to.

Perhaps, more importantly, the promised release of weekly episodes has held Jai accountable for showing up consistently – no matter how busy or tired he is, no matter how out of control his personal and work schedule looks. Dishing up free education and motivation for an ever-growing community, this relentless commitment proves the importance of “community over competition” and lowering the ladder for those who are making their way up.

So, in celebration of wrapping up yet another mammoth year, here’s a recap of some of Make Your Break’s major 2023 highlights!


The numbers don’t lie – our key Make Your Break milestones for 2023

  • Make Your Break is a top 10 podcast for 4,540 fans, a top 5 podcast for 3,149 fans, and the number 1 podcast for 1,040 fans!
  • We’re currently sitting at a total of 10, 577 followers – and counting – on Spotify alone.
  • 64% of listeners discovered the Make Your Break podcast in 2023.
  • Make Your Break was streamed in 78 countries, with the United States topping the list at 32% of total streams.
  • We hit the charts in 1 country and peaked at #33, charting for a total of 5 days!
  • 42.5% of our listeners are aged 28-34, followed by 26.4% aged 23-27.
  • 47% of listeners shared the Make Your Break podcast via direct link while 21% did it over text.
  • 69.2% listen to Make Your Break via Apple Podcasts and 27.6% use Spotify.

Annnd, thanks to you, Make Your Break’s podcast rating still sits at 5.0 out of 5.0 on Spotify!

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Top #10 Make Your Break episode highlights from 2023 (in no particular order)

The Big Actions it Takes for Big Results with James Wedmore

Your unrealistic goals can feel impossible, especially when you have no idea where to start or how to begin. In this episode, James sits down with Jai to chat about the money mindset and the big actions it takes to fulfil your big goals.


Who is James Wedmore?


james wedmore make your break podcast with jai long

From broke bartender to 8-figure business performance coach, James Wedmore helps online entrepreneurs worldwide to grow and scale their businesses to similar success.

Connect with James: InstagramPodcastEducation


India Earl Unveils: The Art & Science of Perfect Pricing

In this candid chat with India Earl, she leans into her personal experiences to give you tangible takeaways on pricing strategies and upselling techniques for photographers seeking the sweet spot between value and sustainability.


Who is India Earl?


india earl make your break podcast with jai long

Launching her business at just 16, India Earl is a well-loved photographer and educator who’s focused on capturing honest connections.

Connect with India: InstagramEducation


When It’s Hard, but You Show Up Regardless with Cara Mia

Opening up about her bittersweet journey, Cara Mia dishes the truth on what we see on socials versus reality and the moments that humanise us. From choosing yourself to embracing new beginnings, this episode is a MUST-LISTEN if you feel like you’ve lost your way.


Who is Cara Mia?


cara mia make your break podcast with jai long

Based in Utah, Cara is a renowned film, digital and travel photographer who also hosts out-of-this-world content workshops around the globe.

Connect with Cara Mia: InstagramEducationWorkshops


Mastering the Client Journey: From First Impressions to Confident Bookings with Lindsay and Evie from The Heart University

Tackling one of the most misunderstood aspects of client interactions, your client journey, Jai chats with Lindsay and Evie about the art of mastering first impressions. From the common pitfalls to the value of body language, discover how you can craft a compelling client journey – without the hard sell.


Who are Lindsay and Evie?


the heart university make your break podcast with jai long

Lindsay and Evie are the infectiously joyful duo behind The Heart University where they provide photography and business education for creatives.

Connect with them: InstagramPodcastEducation


Building a Standout Personal Brand with Nathan Chanski

Delving into everything from the drawbacks of college education to becoming yourself and stepping into your power, Nathan and Jai get real about the behind-the-scenes journey of developing your personal brand.


Who is Nathan Chanski?


nathan chanski make your break podcast with jai long

Nathan is a Michigan-based wedding photography and business coach who’s gone from making less than a thousand per wedding to booking over six figures a year.

Connect with Nathan: InstagramPodcastEducation


The Impact AI will have on Creatives & Artists with Anna from Ginger’s Eyes

The surge of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impacts has sparked eye-opening conversations amongst photographers and the creative industry as a whole. While there are many sides to it, Jai and Anna dive into how we can make AI work for us, rather than battling the inevitable.


Who is Anna?


gingers eyes make your break podcast with jai long

Anna is an internationally published photographer, artist and educator, travelling from Spain to dreamy destinations all across the world.

Connect with Anna: InstagramWorkshops


Personal Evolution and Up-Levelling Your Brand with Nick Onken

A graphic designer turned celebrity photography and branding wizard, Nick Onken takes Jai behind the scenes on the art of balancing the aspirational with the attainable, and how to curate your personal brand with authenticity.


Who is Nick Onken?


nick onken make your break podcast with jai long

From surviving on ramen to shooting advertising campaigns for brands like Chevy and Adidas, Nick Onken is a Creative Alchemist who creates space for those who are ready to show up as their authentic selves in their personal and professional world.

Connect with Nick: InstagramPodcastEducation


What You Stand to Lose if You Don’t Level Up – Interview with Ziggy Alberts

Sharing his journey of creativity, luck, homeschooling, and the risks that come with the ongoing pursuit of success, join Jai and Ziggy Alberts in this intimate chat about how you too can unlock remarkable accomplishments in life.


Who is Ziggy Alberts?


ziggy alberts make your break podcast with jai long

Touring internationally with his compelling storytelling abilities, Ziggy Alberts is an Australian singer-songwriter and author who’s known for his folk-pop melodies and upbeat energy.

Connect with Ziggy: InstagramWebsite


Identifying Trends & Keeping Up with the Industry with Joy Zamora

No stranger to the Make Your Break podcast, Joy Zamora returns for yet another episode – this time, discussing the importance of adapting in the face of evolving trends and learning new skills, while still staying true to yourself as an artist.


Who is Joy Zamora?


joy zamora make your break podcast with jai long

Joy is a destination cinematographic wedding photographer and big-hearted educator based in Spain.

Connect with Joy: InstagramPodcastEducation


You Don’t Need Confidence, You Need Proof – with Asha Bailey

If you struggle with Imposter Syndrome, this episode is for you! Asha and Jai speak about what it takes to be brave and how to get the proof you need to move forward, even when you don’t have the confidence.


Who is Asha Bailey?


asha bailey make your break podcast with jai long

From a sunny little pocket of California, Asha Bailey is a luxury wedding and elopement photographer who travels the world to document genuine humans and their intimate moments.

Connect with Asha: InstagramResources


259 episodes in, where to from here with Make Your Break?

Yep, you read that right, we’re 259 episodes deep and still counting!

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