Learn How Natalia Naa Earned $600k+ by Niching Her Photography Biz

February 13, 2023

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Natalia is a student within the Business Map who has done something incredible in her second year of business as a photographer… Natalia grossed over $630k (wtf?).

Join us as we explore how Nat pivoted from photographing weddings and events to then find her Niche as a Boudoir Fantasy photographer. Nat shares her insights into the power of mindset, Tik tok marketing, the ‘game’ of business and how to show up for your clients correctly.

“In our creative [business] mindset, it’s really important to shift the focus away from selling, because I don’t think we’re actually doing that. 

We’re actually just giving them what they want, and in exchange, we just so happen to get some dollars out of it.

Adopting this mindset really takes the pressure of trying to sell, sell, sell… 

What you sell is the product of your conviction, what you love and what you want to do for them; not the other way around.”

No doubt we can all learn a thing or two from this rising star in the photography world! Natalia’s story is an inspirational one. It’s incredibly informative for photographers and entrepreneurs alike.




  • Why Nat joined the Business Map (5 mins)
  • Raising your prices / pricing your worth (8 mins)
  • The ‘game’ of business (12 mins)
  • Personal success strategies  (16 mins)
  • Finding your unique style (21 mins)
  • TikTok marketing (25 mins)
  • How to connect with your clients on TikTok (30 mins)
  • The power of showing up for you & your clients (33 mins)
  • The future of Natalia’s business – $1M next year? (37 mins)



Natalia Naa creates soft, painterly photographs that capture the essence of a woman’s beauty, strength, and sensuality. Each of Natalia’s portraits is a labor of love. She strives to tell the unique stories and the lived narratives of each woman she photographs. Her style of photography has been described as ethereal, elegant and romantic.

Natalia specialises in creating ambient visual stories that celebrates the essence of femininity, consistently making stunning, high-quality imagery.

You can view her website here, follow her Instagram here, and view her game-changing TikTok here.


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