Reignite Your Passion, Interview with Musician Billy Otto


February 17, 2023

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“Routine is my currency”



Some creatives truly evoke an out of this world presence, like they’ve literally just landed from Pluto with an alternate perspective of what it is to be human. 

Billy is one of these creatives. However, the out of this world location he has just landed from isn’t too far off Pluto – it’s Berlin.

We discuss Billy’s transition from Christian pastor, to party boy, and his latest revival as a down to earth spiritual frother

Billy shares insights into how he has made this transformation and let go of a previous self and committed to a re-birth that he couldn’t be happy with.

Billy discusses how he keeps himself creative, and the different prejudices the outside world has on musicians and creatives alike. 

From writing songs for Neo, partying at Berghain, to preaching faith. The conversation is never a dull one…


Specifically we cover

  • The power of routine (3 mins)
  • Surrounding yourself with the right people (8 mins)
  • Billy’s rebirth (12 mins)
  • Establishing creative confidence (19 mins)
  • Berghain & respecting others norms (23 mins)
  • Scandinavian pop music & creating new neural pathways (26 mins)
  • Alter egos (29 mins)
  • Being unashamedly obsessed (33 mins)






Learn more about Billy


Billy Otto is a Byron Bay based singer-songwriter, record producer, mental health advocate, surfer and environmental activist. With his confessional lyrics, sun-drenched vocals and earnest desire to inspire his audiences, it doesn’t take long to feel enamored with the exquisite, ethereal sound he’s crafted over the past seven years. His sound lands somewhere between Radiohead and Tame Impala, and has played support shows for the likes of Yumi Zouma and Kyle Lionhart.

You can listen to Billy’s Music here, follow his Instagram here, listen to his podcast: The Beginning of Us here, and keep up to date with all things Billy here.



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