Setting ‘Unrealistic’ Goals Can Make the Seemingly Unachievable Happen

jai long setting unrealistic goals

June 16, 2021

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The phrase ‘unrealistic goals’ may seem like a contradiction to some – after all, isn’t it important to devise realistic, achievable goals to set yourself up for success? So, why are we encouraging you to overhaul your mindset and opt for not-so-realistic goals?

Oxford Languages defines ‘realistic’ as having or showing a sensible and practical idea of what can be achieved or expected.”

While sensibility and practicality are essential for keeping you on track with low-value tasks and everyday to-dos, such as completing your cleaning chores or meal prepping for the week ahead, you need to amplify your purpose and energy when it comes to your business goals. You can’t play it ‘safe’, risk mediocrity, and just cross your fingers hoping for an overnight miracle.

If you’re new to goal setting, I encourage you to a podcast and blog I did – ‘Goal Setting with Jai Long‘.

Big wins demand bigger action

jai long setting unrealistic goals

If you want to accelerate your success, you’ll need to pluck up the courage to set lofty, rule-breaking goals that push the limits of your imagination and buckle down your entire being to accomplish them. Big wins call for even bigger action, spurred by visionary dreams that defy rationality. And the reality is, you and your business have the uncapped potential to reach unprecedented heights – there’s always something brighter and better that’s waiting for you to make it happen. 

Maybe you’re thinking that the concept of unrealistic goals is easier said than done. Take the time to dig deep and consider what’s truly holding you back. Perhaps you’re worried about failure, stepping outside of your comfort zone or you’ve grown accustomed to conforming to other’s expectations and conventional norms. Perhaps it’s all of the above.

As a society, we often try to fit in with the people around us, business and personal goal setting included. You shouldn’t have to lower any of your goals or downplay your ambitions and dreams to match the people around you. 

Getting featured in Forbes was one of my personal unrealistic goals…

One of my personal ‘unrealistic goals’ was to be featured in Forbes this year and on May 3, 2021, it happened! They interviewed me and published an article on ‘Why Setting Unrealistic Goals For Your Business Isn’t A Bad Thing’ – how ironic is that?!

unrealistic goals forbes feature

We all have unique trajectories, marked by different milestones. Whether it’s a financial goal of hitting six figures within the next quarter or a strategic goal of pivoting your business to attract more dream clients, your only competition is your past self. Don’t fall into the trap of chasing someone else’s idea of success, living by the rules or blindly following trends. Forget the haters and naysayers, focus on what you want to achieve and proactively set your gears in motion. Be the game-changer that inspires (and surprises) those around you to come up to your level. 

Transform your mindset to develop healthy habits for ongoing success

Without being cliched, success doesn’t come easy, you have to dig deep and work hard for it. While there’s no silver bullet to rely on, you can hone in on your efforts to think large, take bigger actions and be motivated by the power of your unrealistic goals. As you overcome self-limiting beliefs and tackle the unknown with clarity, you’ll develop an abundance mindset that liberates you to conquer even more.

With perseverance, practising those goals will naturally transform into habitual behaviour that’ll see you through the long run. Your achievements, small or big, will become the ‘realistic’ benchmarks for your next set of ‘unrealistic’ goals, giving you the momentum to keep pushing the boundaries. Celebrate and reflect on every win to maximise your learning opportunities.

Practice makes perfect, so take the initiative to set your unrealistic SMART goals today. Your future self will thank you.


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