The Impact of AI on Photographers & Creatives in 2023

June 13, 2023

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“You don’t notice it, but we change day-to-day from encounter to encounter, I love this as a life philosophy, it makes everything easier rather than harder. A lot of people will cling onto what they have or how things are, and any change will bring a lot of anxiety to them or fear.

But actually, I think that is the art of life, the never-ending movement, I think it’s beautiful.”





Anna, AKA, Ginger’s Eyes is a Barcelona-based photographer specialising in wedding and couple photography. She is known for her timeless and unconventional style, inspired by European cinematographic heritage, visual arts, and fashion. 

Anna believes that love is loud, capturing her couple’s love stories in a way that is both genuine, cinematic and above all else, beautiful. 

Anna is an incredibly passionate and unique photographer who is always looking for new ways to capture the beauty of love. This led Anna to become an early adopter of AI, experimenting with generative AI art to tell wholly original love stories. 

Anna is an avid user of Imagen AI and is currently in the process of creating her own Talent AI Profile for the benefit of Wedding Photographers worldwide. That’s right, you’ll be able to adopt Anna’s style for yourself!

We believe Anna to be one of the most talented Wedding Photogs in the game. So much so, she was a speaker at our industry-leading event the Wedding Photography Summit.  If this chat has piqued your interest in the capabilities and progress of AI in the photography industry, be sure to sign up for our WPS AI & Tech Edition on the 23rd of June. 

So listen in to hear from a true expert at the top of her game, your perspectives on AI may take a different route….









  • 4 mins – AI tools an overview
  • 7 mins – the simplification of art
  • 9 mins – Photography’s continual transformation
  • 12 mins – Artistic photographers vs craftsman photographers
  • 14 mins – the power of Imagen AI
  • 22 mins – The initial resistance of Instagram in the industry
  • 26 mins – Purely AI-generated art – is it art?
  • 33 Mins – how AI can deceive Talent
  • 37 mins – Learn the rules to break the rules
  • 45 mins – Are you an entrepreneur or business owner? – learn the difference
  • 51 mins – Be inspired by others, don’t be jealous




Learn More about Anna

To keep up to date with Anna via socials, check out her Instagram here: @ohh.ginger

If you’re interested in a mentoring session, you’ll find it here

Or if you’d like to join what is looking like the coolest f***ing retreat on earth, you can learn more about Ephemeral Retreat here


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Leave the haters and naysayers to the sidelines – this is your opportunity to embrace change and rise above the masses!

General admission tickets are $7 with a 24-hour replay if you can’t join us live. VIP tickets are $47 with 12-month replays.

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