Becoming a Rangefinder Top 30 Rising Star With Cremeux Photo AKA Myriam Ménard

June 7, 2023

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“There are so many things in your brain at the same time as a wedding photographer [and] as an entrepreneur you can’t forget how to care about yourself and how to treat yourself with kindness through creativity. 


Because the creativity is going to feed you what is going to make you stand out and be proud of yourself because you’re gonna feel something and you’re gonna create something through your feelings and this is a muscle you can train”




Curious to hear from two winners of Range Finder’s top 30 rising stars? 

Jai is joined by Montreal-based Chilean, Myriam Ménard (Crémeux Photo) who is fresh off being crowned one of Range Finder’s 2022’s Rising Stars. 


A feat that Jai himself achieved back in 2016. So when a student of Jai’s Six Figure Business Map also joined the illustrious list. We had to know more about what it takes. 


There is little surprise on our end as to why Myriam was selected among the top 30 wedding photographers to watch – globally. 


Myriam is a little ray of Latin American sunshine. We learn how Myriam has managed to harness this light and bring it to her everyday work. Originally a fine art student, Myriam shares how a change in mindset has led her to shake the struggling artist motif and begin to thrive within creative business. 


We discuss the importance and value of being creative with your business as well as your work. How this can keep you passionate in the pursuit of crafting something original.


It’s not all a mad hustle, we learn the importance of letting go, stepping back and taking a much-deserved break from the formidable and ferocious rat race.  




  • 3 mins – what keeps Myiam showing up  
  • 5 mins  – business or creativity? What keeps you inspired?
  • 7 mins   – shifting the mindset from struggling to thriving artist
  • 8 mins  – winning the Rangefinder top 30
  • 15 mins – what did winning feel like?
  • 18 mins – has it helped business directly?
  • 20 mins – how has it affected your presence in the Wedding Photography community?
  • 23 mins –  Educating others 
  • 26 mins – Miryam’s superpowers 
  • 29 mins – how to join the workshop
  • 31 mins – Tips on self-care and nurturing your creativity




What is the Rangefinder’s top 30 Rising Stars?


The Rangefinder Top 30 Rising Stars Photography Award is an annual award given to 30 wedding photographers who have been in business for less than five years.

The award is judged by a panel of industry professionals, and winners are selected based on their artistic vision, technical skill, and overall portfolio.

The award was created in 2009 to recognize and honour the work of emerging wedding photographers. Since then, it has become one of the most prestigious awards in the industry. Past winners have gone on to have successful careers in wedding photography, and many have become household names.

You can see the full list of 2022 winners here


Learn More about Myriam


Myriam is a passionate wedding and elopement photographer based in Montreal, Canada. She is a full-time romantic who is drawn to the hidden beauty in shared moments of love. She believes that relationships are a kind of artwork, forged by the tools of our heart, fortified with time, and vibrating with a stunning emotional charge.

Myriam has an enthusiastic personality and is always willing to go the extra mile. She is committed to capturing every smile, touch, and wide-eyed gaze, and wants to be right there by her clients’ sides on their big day.

Myriam’s first love was music, but she eventually found her passion in photography. She loves working with like-minded couples who are also passionate about adventure. She is always up for a new challenge and is always looking for new ways to capture the beauty of love.

Myriam is a talented photographer who is passionate about her work. She is a joy to work with and her photos are sure to capture the beauty of your special day.


You can follow Myriam on Instagram here, or view her gorgeous portfolio here. 





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