Wedding Photography Summit 2020 wrapup

Wedding Photography Summit 2020


December 6, 2020

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I believe in setting big goals and taking big risks to get the success you want in life. I am a Business Coach and mentor and it’s important to me to be inspiring people with not only what I have done in the past, but with what I can do right now.


Do what others won’t to get the success others don’t have.


I seen so much negativity in the wedding photography industry and people really struggling throughout 2020 and for good reason, it’s been bloody hard for most of us. I didn’t want the year to end that way though and I said to Morgan (my right-hand man) “F*ck it, let’s do something big”.

I told him that I am willing to invest $75,000 (my savings) into something and bring some positivity to the industry and help those people that really need it most right now.

Now as a business coach, many people thought I was crazy. Why would you do something that could lose money? But look, I am an entrepreneur, not a business owner. It’s not always about money and a return on investment and all that other boring stuff that doesn’t make my life fun. It’s about pushing to see what is possible. Inspiring, motivating others, and lifting people up.

Life is too short to just be chasing a “return on investment”.

But as we all know… Those that are willing to do something for free, with love and passion, often received the greatest rewards. And that to me, is the definition of a ‘Creative Entrepreneur’.

Wedding Photography Summit Behind The Scenes Documentary

12-speakers, 2-days, 8159 attendees, over 50 countries, over 10 hours of live streaming. Watch the video to see how it went down!

Jai Long speaking live

Six Figure Business Map Jai Long Wedding Photography Summit Business Map with Jai Long Jai Long Wedding Photography Summit Jai Long

Obviously, I got a lot of push-back and skepticism and we got a lot of love and support at the same time. It was a risky move, but one that I knew was important right now.


Morgan and I did the simple maths and worked out how affordable we could make this event so people that need it most will have access.


I had $75,000 to invest so we figured, why not make the tickets $7 and try to get 10,000 attendees. I know…. That’s a bit of a stretch and literally, no one in the world has done something like this before. But I thought f*ck it, why isn’t it possible? Who says it can’t work?


Getting 10,000 to a workshop is a mega task for any marketing and advertising agency and Morgan and I did it on our own, bootstrapping the whole way and using all kinds of marketing hacks under the sun to make the dream work.


The risk for this was huge. I know I could have failed massively in front of the whole industry and I could have lost a lot of money. But you know what, life is too short to worry about a scenario that doesn’t even exist yet. So we went guns blazing and put 100% into everything.


All in or nothing. ALWAYS

Jai Long Wedding Photography Summit

This event pushed my comfort zone and what I thought was possible. I had to reach out to the industry leaders to try and pitch them the idea, often waking up at 3 am to jump on a zoom call to make the time difference work. I had to learn Facebook ads and new marketing strategies that I haven’t done before, and Morgan and I had to learn all the hardware and software to make it all work.

Jai Long and team

We gave ourselves 5 weeks to do all of that.


Fast forward to the Wedding Photography Summit 2020 and we hit some milestones. One of them being we created the biggest wedding photography workshop in the world and we impacted so many lives that needed help at this exact moment.


8159 Attendee
10+ hours of live streaming


All I can say is, dream big. Have unrealistic goals that inspire people. Because why not go in 100% into what you love and feel alive.

Those that would take on big risks for the love of what they do, will always see big returns from the universe and I believe this 100%.

Now we are looking towards 2021 and how we can bring it back. Even bigger and even better. So If you enjoyed the ride so far, don’t worry, more to come.

Wedding Photography Business Coach Jai Long Wedding Photography Business Coach Wedding Photography Summit 2020 Wedding Photography Summit 2020 Wedding Photography Summit Wedding Photography Summit

The speaker lineup included:

🌟 Jai Long
🌟Jonas Peterson
🌟 India Earl
🌟 Fer Juaristi
🌟 Dawn Jarvis
🌟 Kaley From Kansas
🌟 Elizabeth Austin
🌟 Olivia Markle
🌟 By Leelou
🌟 Igor Demba
🌟 Dylan Howell
🌟 Anni Graham

Inspiring the Sailors inside the Six-Figure Business Map Course

This is the post I put into the Six-Figure Business Map Facebook group, to help inspire those building their own business and really teaching from example.

Wedding Photography summit

That’s it! Let me know in the comments below if you were apart of this workshop! I want to hear from you!

Jai x

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Obsessively wordsmithing and hyping the living daylights out of anything and anyone, Mel is our in-house word nerd and coach.

You’ll also find her regularly dropping hot website/ biz tips inside the Business Map and yelling at people for downplaying their wins (“big” or “small”, every win is still a win).




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  1. One of the best investment I made in 2020! It was amazing education and invaluable tips on how to improve my business. And the best part is the amazing community that came with this investment!!!
    This really got me fired up for 2021. I am ready to turn my business around.

    Thank you for putting this incredible event together Jai and Team!

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