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July 28, 2021

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Are you ready to write your own story?

The Six-Figure Business Map online course is for photographers and videographers who are ready to transform their biz over their 12-month enrolment. But it isn’t just about learning sales/marketing tactics or hitting six figures.  You also need to be ready to invest in your personal growth and commit to your unrealistic goals – it’s about becoming the best version of yourself and becoming the author of your life.

We’ll do a deeper dive into what’s inside the Six-Figure Business Map shortly but before we do, I want to answer one of the most popular questions people always ask:

“Why is the course limited to 12 months? Can’t I get lifetime access?”

It’s a great question and I understand that you want to get the most bang for your buck!

Long story short, the 12-month ‘time limit’ best serves the sailors (a.k.a. students) in the course while sustainably growing our business. It’s so important that I can be 100% present, serving you wholeheartedly and consistently showing up in the community. I’m not here to waste your time and/or money – from creating new content to 1:1 mentoring sessions and group calls, I want to empower you with more value than you can ever imagine.

Here’s the thing, the 12-month duration helps us to:

  • Set expectations – Time is worth more than money. If you have all the time in the world to take action, you wouldn’t take action. If you just dropped in and out as you liked over a lifetime, you wouldn’t be as committed to actively making your goals happen. You wouldn’t be prioritising your education and that means you’re leaving your business know-how on the backburner. I want you to be serious about your business and personal growth.
  • Maintain an active community – Our private Facebook group and group coaching calls are next level! As a global community, we can all learn and grow together. Reciprocity is a thing. The more you give, the more you receive. Whether you’re celebrating a win, asking for advice, needing to rant or wanting to brainstorm, you’ll always have fellow sailors supporting you and keeping you accountable. They are ‘your people’, many of which you’ll become lifelong friends with.
  • Serve you at the highest level – For us to be sustainable, we need to constantly grow. More money means I can hire more people to help you, record more modules, hold more masterminds, create more workbooks, organise more workshops, etc. Throughout your 12 months, you’ll notice we’re always adding new content to complement and expand on the ‘core’ modules.

I practice what I preach. This isn’t a ‘get rich quick scheme’, this is a real business that is dedicated to your success. This means I value my community. My time, my services, my reputation, my knowledge.

Fun fact: More people sign back up for another 12 months rather than leaving. It’s incredible and I’m so grateful that sailors see the Business Map not just as a one-off enrolment but a lifetime community they want to be in. I’ve had so many tell me that they’ve resigned just because of our super-active Facebook group!

The Six-Figure Business Map opens for enrolment on 22nd of May 2023

We’d love for you to join our Business Map family! Limited to 300 spots only, enrolment opens at 9AM on the 22nd of May 2023.

See what’s inside the course and sign up for our waitlist to get the latest updates!

It doesn’t matter where you are right now on your journey. Whether you’re wanting to quit the corporate grind and go full-time in photography, wanting to achieve more financial freedom to support your family, wanting to transition from weddings to elopements…The Business Map is designed for sailors of all levels, stepping you towards your personal goals.

We have photographers and videographers who are full-time, part-time, and just starting out! From weddings to lifestyle, branding, and a bit of everything, our sailors specialise in different niches and target markets. Stronger together, we’re here to learn from each other and help keep one another accountable.

On the sales page, we talk about the Business Map course as the golden ticket to:

  • Building a sustainable, six-figure business with 100% clarity
  • Overhauling a scarcity mindset and embracing abundance
  • Reigniting your creativity to create and serve with heart

But you’re probably wondering “what are the TANGIBLE things I can expect?

So, let’s break down what you can expect when you join the Six-Figure Business Map…at the very least

Complete roadmap to power up your business

9 core modules, self-paced learning over 12 months. Each module is broken down further into multiple videos, workbooks and downloads. This is how it stands currently – always ahead of the trend, we are continuously expanding the content to make sure you have everything you need!

Fortnightly group coaching calls

Group learning is an invaluable education tool! With sailors at different stages of their business, there’s always going to be a topic or question you’ve never even thought of. Submitting your questions to me directly, we’ll discuss and answer them LIVE over Zoom. Every single group coaching call is recorded and all replays are uploaded into the Business Map. That means endless brainstorming gold!

Exclusive access to our private Facebook Group & Circle community

Here’s where you can freely share your wins and struggles, discuss ideas, and ask for help. Great for local catchups, organising styled shoots or referrals, you’ll network and make lifelong friends with sailors from all across the world. From Melbourne to New York, Paris, London, Madrid and beyond, we’re an awesome global community!

Live masterminds & check-ins

Staying true to my word, I’m more ‘present’ than any other business coach you’ll ever come across. Whether it’s via a Facebook live video or a scheduled Zoom group catchup, I want to support you beyond the business aspect. Addressing topical issues like how to make more money during COVID or how to stay creative when you’re in a slump, I’m always here to check in on my community.

Business Map journal

As creatives, many of us like putting pen to paper to solidify our ideas and plans. Made just for the Business Map course, you’ll receive a beautiful journal that’s loaded with business journey advice, goal setting tips, mindset check-ins, calendar pages and more. It’s a must-have that will keep you inspired and on track towards hitting your unrealistic goals.

Milestone awards

We want to celebrate your big milestones! If you’ve hit $100k, $250k or $500k, we’ll send you a Business Map milestone pin as a tangible reminder of how far you’ve come.

Opportunity to become an affiliate

You can sign up to be a Business Map affiliate and score a commission for every successful referral. The more creative content you create to help us spread the word, the more you’ll be rewarded.

This is the bare minimum you can expect – there’s seriously so much more but I don’t want to overwhelm you. If you’re still umming and ahhing over whether the Six-Figure Business Map is worth your money, feel free to reach out to me via Insta DMs and we can chat honestly about whether the course is the right fit for you!

Jai Long’s Six-Figure Business Map Reviews

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You’ll also find her regularly dropping hot website/ biz tips inside the Business Map and yelling at people for downplaying their wins (“big” or “small”, every win is still a win).




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