Why Facebook Isn’t Dead: Find Leads for Your Business with These Hacks

May 31, 2023

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Facebook isn’t dead, it’s just shouting quieter from the sidelines and sometimes our best opportunities lay right in front of us.


Yes, Facebook’s daily users may be dwindling… As of April 2023, Facebook has around 2 billion daily active users. Decreasing by a rate of 3.9% from April 2022.


Despite the decline in daily users, Facebook is still the most popular social media platform globally. With a whopping 3 billion monthly active users… that’s 37% of the world’s population.

We might be using other platforms for our daily life updates, but FB is here to stay, albeit on the back burner, people are still seeing what’s going on in the space.


Jai walks us through what can seem like some glaringly obvious tips on how to leverage your Business and Personal Facebook pages to bring in more leads.

As someone who still actively uses and holds the platform at the pinnacle of his marketing strategy, Jai is bound to prompt an “Aaaaah… Yeah” moment upon any creative in the service-based industry.


If anything, the greatest takeaway should be:

Never underestimate the power of referrals, and when they come, you best make it easy for a client to capitalise.


Listen or watch along to see how you can implement these entirely inexpensive strategies.



Quotes from the Ep


“If you get on Facebook a lot, you’re probably part of different groups. It’s probably the only thing you do on Facebook. It’s the only thing I do…

Just the other day, I was personally looking through my community, which is the six-figure business map. We’ve got about 700 people, 700 photographers in there.

I was going through and I wanted to find lots of people’s Instagram accounts. I just wanted to find their work.

So I’m clicking through, going from their group into their account, and there was just no information.
There was nothing more than just a profile photo basically.

People didn’t have their Instagram accounts, their Tick Tock accounts, social media accounts, they didn’t have their website.

There was just so many things they didn’t have. And it got me thinking. If I can’t find these people that are trying to find leads, then other people can’t find them, and how to work with them as well.”


“Believe it or not, when I run Facebook and Instagram ads, Facebook ALWAYS outperforms Instagram ads and I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on both platforms…

What happens is people don’t know what they are doing on there anymore and begin scrolling and scrolling  mindlessly and my ad pops up, 

and it’s like ‘oh’ there’s a glimmer of hope, something to do on here, something to buy, and they buy from it”‘






  • Optimising Your Business Page (3 mins)
  • Add a call-to-action to your banner (5 mins)
  • Manychat (6 mins)
  • Facebook ads, they still work (8:30 mins)
  • Optimising Your Personal Account (9:20 mins)
  • Clear Bio & Clear call-to-action (10:30 mins)
  • Facebook group hack (13 mins)
  • How this informs content strategy (15:20 mins)






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