Episode 273: What I Learned From My First $1M Year

make your break podcast with jai long episode 273


February 25, 2024

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Let’s take unrealistic action on your unrealistic 7-figure goal!

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In last week’s Make Your Break podcast episode, Jai walked through his first six-figure year and what that looked like. So, in this week’s episode 273, he dives into the 7 most pivotal lessons he learned after successfully reaching his first $1M entrepreneurial milestone.

Want a brief background story?

Rewinding the clock, it was four years ago when Jai first made a million dollars. In fact, he made exactly 1 million from his coaching business, 1 million from cryptocurrency and then another 1 million from property investments. Whether it was a mere coincidence or his (obsessive) efforts finally paying off, they all peaked at the same time.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic throwing a spanner in the works, Jai was determined to work on what was in his control, rather than allowing outside influences to affect his momentum. He wanted to expand while everyone else was retracting and playing it safe.

As a creative business and mindset coach, reaching his unrealistic goals means that he can continue to help other people reach their unrealistic goals. Because, at the end of the day, Jai believes that when you focus on giving (rather than taking), the universe will always work out a way to give back to you. 

Uncover the 7 important lessons Jai learned from his first 7-figure year as an entrepreneur – here are the key timestamps:

  • Lesson #1: You MUST make a plan, otherwise it won’t happen [21:05]
  • Lesson #2: Learn to love sales [24:49]
  • Lesson #3: It’s a numbers game [29:09]
  • Lesson #4: Focus on ONE product; less is more [33:08]
  • Lesson #5: Drop low-value tasks & products [37:05]
  • Lesson #6: Find your leverages [41:42]
  • Lesson #7: A positive mindset towards “inequality” [44:04]


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