Episode 275: A Project Calendar for Your Life & Business Goals

make your break episode 275 with jai long


March 3, 2024

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Beyond reaching financial milestones, there’s an important equation that creative entrepreneurs often forget.

Achievement + Fulfilment = Success

We tend to fall into the trap of chasing achievements, losing sight of our ‘why’ and our vision for life and business. While many of the factors may overlap, it’s essential that you’re always making sure that your business is in line with your personal values and life goals.

In this week’s Make Your Break podcast episode #275, Jai is joined by Ivan Amssan, a Midwest wedding photographer and photography coach.

With over six years of experience in the photography industry, Ivan brings his infectious energy and draws on his storytelling skills to walk us through his signature 4-part framework for creating a project calendar for your life. A solution that arose in a time of need and stress, this is the exact calendar that he consistently implements to increase his revenue by 41% year on year.

Designed to elevate your year with intention and clarity, this calendar is specifically for planning and setting project goals that will move the needle – keeping you accountable to actually “doing” the plan (and not just “planning” the plan).

Considering all your hopes, dreams, and emotions, you’ll strategise a calendar that doesn’t just end up becoming another to-do list.

Join Jai & Ivan Amssan as they walk through Ivan’s 4-step project calendar framework – here are the key timestamps:

  • Introduction to Ivan Amssan [3:45]
  • What the calendar framework is about [10:12]
  • The background story behind the framework [11:23]
  • What your life will look like after using this project calendar [15:32]
  • The importance of planning [18:29]
  • Framework – Step 1: Define Your Overall ‘Why’ [19:22]
    • What must be true about your business to achieve your ‘why’? [21:38]
  • Framework – Step 2: Map Out Your Life & Business Goals for the Year [24:25]
  • Framework – Step 3: Create Your Project Calendar [26:06]
    • Separate your high-level goals from your project goals [27:04]
    • Distinguish between internal & external project goals [28:37]
    • Research the steps & time required to complete your goals [30:31]
    • Create your calendar with monthly blocks [31:20]
    • Share your calendar draft with a trusted source & implement necessary changes [35:52]
    • Apply the plan! [36:49]
  • Framework – Step 4: Rinse & Repeat the Framework [38:22]


Say Hi to Ivan 👋

ivan amssan

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ivanamssan/?hl=en
Website: https://ivanamssanphoto.com/


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