10 Tips to Nail Your Sales Language & Client Interactions

make your break podcast with jai long episode 277

March 10, 2024

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When we hear the word “sales”, we tend to cringe and think of dodgy car salesmen and annoying telemarketers with their pushy (and sneaky) sales tactics. Having experienced more than our fair share of disappointing and/or frustrating sales experiences, we hate thinking about sales, hoping our dream clients will come knocking. We’d rather focus on marketing than sales, staying true to our “authentic” selves.

Welllll, I hate to break it to you, my friend, but you NEED to learn to love sales. In fact, Jai believes that sales are the most important part of running a business and that “a business without sales is not a business; it’s a hobby.” #micdrop

The good news is that sales is nowhere near as hard or as awkward as we’ve been led to believe. Put simply, think of sales as building a little bridge for your clients to get from where they are now to achieving their desired transformation (with the help of your solutions).

Rather than getting hung up on the process of “selling”, concentrate on being and becoming the best version of yourself.

So, where to from here?

In today’s Make Your Break podcast episode, Jai will walk you through his top 10 easy-to-follow tips to elevate your sales language for high-converting client interactions.

Here are the key timestamps for Jai’s top 10 sales language tips:

Tip #1: Replace “I” with “you” [6:53]
Tip #2: Guide them to the solution they’re looking for [9:42]
Tip #3: Ask questions that lead to a “yes” answer [12:48]
Tip #4: Never use the word “but” [15:09]
Tip #5: Always agree [17:07]
Tip #6: Never use words like “hope”  [23:32]
Tip #7: Reassure them with “I got you” [25:22]
Tip #8: Always match their energy [26:59]
Tip #9: Set expectations by establishing timeframes [29:53]
Tip #10: Learn to listen [33:50]


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