How to Fix Your Facebook Ads Strategy for iOS 14

how to fix ios14 facebook ads


November 15, 2021

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With Apple’s iOS 14 update, you may have noticed a change in performance across your Facebook ads due to conversion tools like the Facebook pixel being directly impacted. More specifically, Apple now requires all apps that use “tracking” outside the platform to show a prompt that requests permission from its users. This will apply to anyone who uses the Facebook app on an iOS device with the iOS 14 update.


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Considering Europe’s GDPR update back in 2018, it’s no surprise that data privacy measures are becoming more prevalent than ever – and it should be! This gives consumers more control over the data they willing and/or unwillingly share with advertisers and publishers. This power shift will greatly impact any and all small businesses that rely heavily on social media advertising.

If your audience opts out of tracking on their iOS 14 devices, it will have a negative effect on the targeting, reporting and optimisation of your Facebook advertising campaign’s conversion events. Essentially, the key areas that can make or break the success of your paid advertising campaigns.


How will the iOS 14 update affect your Facebook ads?


The iOS 14 update will have a domino effect, starting from inaccurate reporting on conversions through to ineffective remarketing campaigns.

  • If Facebook can’t track your audience’s behaviour outside of the platform, it will severely impact how your pixel performs.
  • You won’t be able to personalise Facebook ads to a specific audience, such as retargeting and lookalike audiences, reducing your specific targeting options.
  • With inaccurate reporting and fewer targeting options, you’ll be risking poor ad copy and wasted ad spend.

In a nutshell, Facebook ads will start costing you more to get a qualified lead or new client.


4 steps to navigate the iOS 14 update and adapt your Facebook ads accordingly


facebook ad ios 14 update tips


1. Verify your domain with your Facebook Ads account.

Let Facebook know that you’re a legitimate business! You can verify your domain with your Facebook Business Manager – follow these steps.

2. Run your ads to a wider audience to help your FB pixel find the right people.

As more people opt out of tracking, you’ll need to broaden your ad targeting so your Facebook pixel has a better chance of aggregating more information on your audience. You can also test targeting expansion to let Facebook reach a broader group of people than you defined in your original detailed targeting selections.

3. Let your ads run for longer to measure results.

With the iOS 14 update, you’ll experience delayed reporting, up to 3 days. To maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of your campaigns, you’ll need to let your ads run for a longer timeframe. If you cut it short, you risk limiting the learning that you and Facebook can gather from the data collected.

4. Track and measure your own results!

Make sure you have a sales page that’s only dedicated to your Facebook ad/s. This way, you can use Google Analytics to track the traffic that’s coming through from your ads and measure it against your Facebook ad spend. For example, if you had 1000 people visit your sales page and you spent a total of $5000 on advertising, you’ll know the conversion was $1 per click.

Bonus tips:

bonus tips


🧡 New challenges present new learning opportunities.

Don’t let increasing advertising prices deter you from showing off your magic! New challenges present new learning opportunities. Get creative with how you can make the extra money to recoup the expenses. 
For example, you could run an ad and sell an engagement shoot for $200, to cover the cost of advertising and then upsell them a full wedding package.
So if it costs $200 to get a new client, that money is now covered and you’ll make all of it back (and more) via the higher ticket service you sell.

🧡 Make sure your sales funnel is leak-proof!

It’s crucial that you assess your current sales funnel and your success at converting leads. If it’s not working well, you’ll need to take a step back to fix any holes before you proceed with advertising. Analyse and strengthen the weakest links in your funnel before you launch any ad campaigns.

🧡 Convert every lead with confidence.

If your Facebook ad successfully leads them to visit your website and send an enquiry, YAY! But that doesn’t mean you’re automatically entitled to their booking. You’ll now have to focus on responding efficiently and preparing for your first meeting – first impressions count!

Discover how you can create the best client experience.


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