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November 16, 2021

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Can you believe it’s been over two years since I started my ‘Make Your Break’ podcast?! The first-ever episode was released on the 6th of September, 2019 and since then I’ve recorded a total of 137 episodes! It’s been a wild ride and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Reflecting on the original blog I wrote back in the day, detailing my WHY for launching Make Your Break, it’s crazy to think how far we’ve come.

I realised that if I wanted to wholeheartedly commit to helping my community push their businesses to new heights, I had to step out of my comfort zone and push myself to grow. As an introvert, the thought of recording a conversation and potentially making a mistake “on-air” is always slightly terrifying. With listeners tuning in from all over the world, you’re opening yourself up to everyone’s opinions, inviting both positive and negative reviews. And let’s face it, unless it’s constructive criticism, the latter always hurts. But I’m incredibly grateful for all the kindness from the community so far – 169 5-star reviews!🥰

make your break podcast reviews

Thanks to Anja Kathryn Photography for this most recent review:

“Where do I even begin?? I mean, wow! Jai really puts in all of his effort in literally everything he does and the podcast is nothing short of that. I binge every episode as soon as they come out. I have learned so much about business but he’s also taught me a lot about life in general and different ways of thinking, and I’m so grateful for that. This podcast is such a huge value to me and my business; I don’t know what I would do with it!”


Why YOU should tune into the Make Your Break podcast


While most people will identify me as a business coach within the wedding photography space, the Make Your Break podcast is for ALL creative entrepreneurs. It doesn’t matter if you’re a wedding photographer, videographer, florist or designer, all creatives at any stage of business will learn something from each episode. Full of business tips, creative inspiration, mindset training, and interviews with industry leaders, my goal is to help you level up your business and hit your goals.

Taking you backstage, we chat about anything and everything including:

  • How to start a new company
  • Attracting your dream clients
  • Breaking limiting beliefs
  • Building confidence & staying motivated
  • Marketing & advertising
  • Productivity & workflow
  • Scaling to 6 or 7 figures
  • Setting goals & seizing opportunities

…and so much more! I never have a script prepared so I just go with the flow and let inspiration reign.



Here’s a peek at some of my all-time favourite podcast episodes so far


It’s amazing to have the privilege of interviewing some of the biggest names in our space including the likes of Jonas Peterson, Chuy Photo, Stephanie Fisher, Fer Juaristi, Kaley from Kansas, and the list goes on. I am so appreciative of everyone taking time out of their day to come onto the podcast and share their best insights.

Please know that I’m using the term “favourite” very loosely here because to be honest, each and every episode has a special place in my heart.


Attracting high-end clients with celebrity wedding photographer: Jose Villa



The 10 rules of scaling a 7-figure lifestyle business with wealth coach: Jackson Millan




What it takes to become a successful entrepreneur with the founder of Together Journal: Greta Kenyon



Getting your finances in order with award-winning wedding photographer: Dan O’Day



Finding more opportunities on social media with wedding photographer & educator: Joy Zamora



Hard work meets luck with wedding photographer & educator: India Earl



Thank you for joining me on the Make Your Break journey 🧡


Before setting up a “proper” recording studio in our new HQs, I was recording the podcast in my bedroom, the Noskin warehouse, and even in my car! It’s been all over the place but I’ve never failed to show up because progress is always better than perfect. And like I said 2 years ago, I know that the show will only get better.

make your break podcast episode

Here’s the truth – I’m passionate about levelling up as much as you are. That’s why I’m always hustling to get the industry experts to guest star on Make Your Break because I myself have so much to learn! Every new person you meet will teach you something new – you don’t know what you don’t know, right? With every episode that gets recorded, I note down what to fix or improve. I’m just thankful for the opportunity to facilitate a platform where we can all grow together!

So, big love for allowing me to learn and grow alongside you. It’s been a real honour and I can’t wait to do another Make Your Break throwback in a couple of years to come.

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Meet the Author

Obsessively wordsmithing and hyping the living daylights out of anything and anyone, Mel is our in-house word nerd and coach.

You’ll also find her regularly dropping hot website/ biz tips inside the Business Map and yelling at people for downplaying their wins (“big” or “small”, every win is still a win).




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