These                                                   will transform your enquiries into no-brainer bookings - easily.

high-converting email 



These                                                      will transform your enquiries into no-brainer bookings - easily.

Wedding photogs, you’re going to LOVE our plug-and-play email templates. Graham certainly does.

Eliminating your inbox anxiety and resurrecting those dreaded dead leads, it’s simply ‘done for you’ heaven. 

that’ll help you level up your enquiries and client experience - from initial responses (yay) to follow-ups (ugh) and post-wedding updates (#nailedit). 

This is the most detailed email template guide you’ll ever come across. 

17 Email Templates


All yours for the taking at only $97 USD. 


Canned so you don’t get binned.

Written specifically for wedding photographers, these email templates will help you to jump on your enquiries quickly, power up your communication, and create a truly bespoke experience for your clients.

Loaded with juicy goodness including:

17 email templates - from enquiry responses to non-cringy follow-ups, pre-wedding check-ins, post-wedding updates & vendor introductions! AND MORE.

Comprehensive how-to guide

Must-know lead conversion tips

Easy email personalisation tips to match your brand & personality 

How to implement the emails - in 5 simple steps

BONUS: How to tackle tricky situations

Saving you time and energy, this is exactly how you can automate and humanise your emails - and WOW potential new clients into sales from the first point of contact. Because first impressions count. 

Easy. Straightforward. Painless. 

Because you deserve to shine, not get ignored.

Straight to your inbox at just $97 USD.

Let’s template your way to effortless success.

So, you’ve successfully scored an email enquiry, woohoo! And you’re obsessively crafting the PERFECT response. Writing, deleting, rewriting, cutting, writing again, pasting, deleting....10, 15, 20 minutes later, you’ve finally hit ‘enter’ but a part of you is still kinda second-guessing your response. 


“Are they going to ghost me?”

"Did I sound excited enough? OMG, hope I didn’t come across desperate."


“I should’ve sent them Sam & Josh’s wedding gallery for inspo. Daaaang.”

“Dammit, there’s a typo. Shit!”


“They sound like a DREAM. How long should I wait before following up?”

ANYWAY - it’s now out of your hands and sitting in their inbox. Time to tackle the rest of the to-do list. 

But wait...ANOTHER enquiry just landed in your inbox. *Cue momentary elation and self high-five* Hmm, similar questions...there goes another 20 minutes tailoring a response. arghhaifrhsweoriaoijdioeiakudeswd!

You NEED go-to response templates, so you can strike while the iron is hot, rather than painstakingly personalising each email. Plus, who knows if they’ll even get back to you after all that effort and time? Drainer, much. 


Streamline your workflow, knock out your emails in less than 5 minutes with our tried-tested-and-totally-works templates!

Simplify Your Process → Maximise Impact → Fast-Track Bookings ($$) 

Done and dusted. You’ll need these, seriously. But hey, don’t take it from us, check out some of the feedback below!

Fill your calendar with 5-star bookings and win over your dream clients.

These high-converting email templates will save your precious sanity, time and creative energy, so you can get back to serving your business and doing what you love most. Attracting and shooting your dream clients. 

Personalise, rewrite and/or cut and paste to reflect your authentic personality. 




All the words you need, at your disposal

Plug, play and go! 

Fine-tune to your liking

For only $97 USD. 


For Clients

1. Initial Booking Enquiry - Family
2. Initial Booking Enquiry - Newborn
3. Initial Booking Enquiry - Maternity
4. Initial Booking Enquiry - Couples
5. First Follow-Up - General
6. Second Follow-Up - General
7. Booking Deposit Request - Enquiries for the Same Date
8. Booking Confirmation Response - General
9. Follow-Up/ Check-In - General
10. Sneak Peek Reveal - General
11. Slideshow & Gallery - Client Delivery
12. Review Request - General 

1. Collaboration Opportunity - Wedding Venue
2. Collaboration Opportunity - Other Vendors
3. Collaboration Opportunity - Videographer
4. Intro/Check-In - Couple’s Wedding Videographer
5. Gallery Submission - Wedding Publication For Vendors


For Vendors

1. Initial Booking Enquiry - Weddings
2. First Follow-Up: Initial Booking Enquiry
3. Second Follow-Up: Initial Booking Enquiry
4. Initial Booking Enquiry - Elopements
5. Initial Booking Enquiry - Destination Weddings
6. Initial Booking Enquiry - Engagements
7. Unavailable for Wedding Date
8. Booking Confirmation Response
9. Vendor Introduction
10. Follow-Up/ Check-In: 6 Months*
11. Follow-Up/ Check-In: 3 Months*
12. Follow-Up/ Check-In: 1 Month*
13. Follow-Up/ Check-In: 1 Week*
14. Sneak Peek Reveal - Day After Wedding*
15. Slideshow & Gallery - Client Delivery
16. Gallery - Vendor Delivery
17. Review Request




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